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Dolby Module Bundle for PHRX

Brand: Phabrix
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • Dolby E audio decode
  • Dolby Digital audio decode
  • Dolby Digital Plus audio decode
  • 4 x AES digital audio pair input/output
  • 30khz - 192khz AES sample rate input
  • 20 and 24bit aes support
  • auto-sensing input/outputs
  • AES routing to audio and loudness meters
  • Dolby E metadata decode
  • Dolby digital metadata decode
  • Dolby digital plus metadata decode
  • Color coded intelligent metadata viewer
  • 8 channel audio metering
  • Guard band analysis
  • logging of CRC errors, guard band timing, common and program metadata
  • Operates with all SD/HD and 3G video standards
  • For use w/PHRX2000, PHRX1000, & PHRX500 Rack Mounted Chassis

The PHABRIX PHRXM-DBUNDLE Dolby Module Bundle combines the Dolby Decode module, the 4AES Module and the Dolby metadata analysis software ideal for audio-centric installations and anywhere Dolby E, Dolby Digital, or Dolby Digital Plus is present.

Dolby Decode module (PHRXM-DOLBY), as delivered, can decode a single audio channel pair containing Dolby audio data into base band audio channels. An additional Dolby Decode channel can be purchased separately if required.

The individual decoded Dolby E, Dolby Digital, or Dolby Digital Plus audio channels as well as a stereo mix down can be routed via embedded audio channels within an SDI Generator output, via AES outputs on the 4AES module, via Rx2000 front panel loud speakers, via the headphone output on the front panel of each Rx unit, and via analog audio output on the rear of each Rx unit. These channels can also be monitored using audio meters, loudness, or lissajous displays.

The Dolby audio channel to be decoded can be selected from the analyzer SDI input or from the 4AES module (PHRXM-4AES). The levels of the decoded base audio channels can be displayed on audio meters, loudness can be monitored, logged and heard.

The 4AES module has been designed for AES audio centric installations to allows 4 x AES digital audio pairs to be routed to the Dolby Decode module, audio meter, and loudness instruments.

The 75ohm BNC connections on the 4AES module are autosensing and can be used for both input and output.

The Dolby Analysis option (PHRXO-BDA) displays Dolby E, Dolby Digital, or Dolby Digital Plus meta data present in a selected audio stream. This can be used to determine whether the Dolby packet, embedded in the SDI video stream, is timed correctly.

The analysis tools available with this option allow checks to be made to see that the Dolby packet has been created correctly and transferred transparently, unaffected by routers/switchers, satellite links, etc.

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