Yokogawa TM10 Thermometer, Thermistor Model

  • Ideal for Food and HACCEP use
  • Allows switching between external probe, built-in sensor (Thermistor probe)
  • Allows input of comments regarding measurement process
  • Easy to manage PC data (automatic layout in Excel)
  • High data capacity
    - Collector mode only: 5000 data units, Logging mode only: 20,000 data units (Allows mixing of collector mode and logging mode measurement data)
  • Logging function, Built-in thermistor, Data management software

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Yokogawa TM10 Shown

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External Probes (-30°C to 200°C) [-22°F to 392°F]
There are three types available: a needle probe for mid-point temperature, a rounded end probe for liquid temperature, and a surface probe for surface temperature.

Built-in sensor (-20°C to 50°C) [-4°F to 122°F]
Measures ambient temperature, and allows for continuous measurement inside a warehouse or during transportation.

Memory Key
Each press of this key saves the measured data, along with 3 other monitoring items: the name of the object being measured, operator’s name, and date and time of measurement.

Selection of registered tag name
Select from the list of up to 50 registered tag names (objects to be measured).

Collector/Logging mode selector key
Switches between the collector mode (saves measured data when necessary) and logging mode (saves measured data continuously).
When used in the collector mode only, saves up to 5000 data items.
When used in the logging mode only, saves up to 20000 data items.
Measuring interval: 1 second to 24 hours (Under simultaneous 2-channel measurement with the TM20, 2 seconds is the minimum.)
Start-of-measurement time: timer can be set.

User-friendly FUNC key
You can select setup items in the same way as you choose options from the built-in menu of a cellular phone.

Selection of operator name
With the (1) key, you can recall a list of up to 10 operator names and can also change any of these names.

Record-keeping on measurement failure handling
By pre-registering a list of up to 32 comments on how to handle particular measurement failures, you can keep records of how the measurement failure was dealt with by selecting the desired comment from the list using the (4) key.
(The TM10 supports this feature with TM10 Version 1.10 when used with application software version 1.30 or later.)

Setup Keys
Register tag names, set alarm points, and define measuring conditions, such as the measuring in-terval for the logging mode. These setting tasks can also be carried out from a PC.

Digital Input Terminals
For connecting an optional non-contact probe

RS-232C I/O terminals
Used to exchange data with a PC or send data to a dedicated printer.
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54051  Yokogawa 54051 Portable Digital Thermo-collector (Thermistor model)  Discontinued
Included Accessories
  • 1 - Software
  • 1 - Waterproof cover
  • 1 - Instruction Manual
  • 2 - AA Alkaline dry Batteries (L6R)


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Carrying Cases and Holders
93010  Yokogawa 93010 Soft Case TM-10  Discontinued
93011  Yokogawa 93011 Waterproof covers TM10 (5 pieces)  Buy Now Sale $27.65
(Reg. $30.00)
Printers and Cables
94010-D  Yokogawa 94010-D AC Adaptor with UL/CSA standard power for CA150  Buy Now Sale $121.83
(Reg. $131.00)
97080  Yokogawa 97080 Thermal paper for printer (10 rolls)  Buy Now $88.00