Yokogawa RAKD41
Mini Rotameter - Size 1/4 inch

  • Simple measurement principle
  • Uncomplicated design
  • Local indicator without additional power supply
  • Low maintenance
  • Suitable for continuous operation
  • Cost effective
  • High efficiency
  • High accuracy
  • Precise measurement at very low flow rates
  • Replaceable floats
  • Visual evaluation of measured substance possible
  • Minimal pressure possible
  • Robust design
  • Low flows and high pressure applications
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The Yokogawa RAKD differentiates itself from other comparable variable area meters by means of its light and guided float design. This feature avoids oscillations caused by gas compressibility leading to very stable measurement.

This design has a direct bearing on stability – pressure loss is lower by 2/3 compared to other comparable meters. Measurement of low flows is best handled by the RAKD41 with its established technology.

The RAKD represents the latest generation in low flow metal flowmeters. The RAKD variable area flowmeter is highly accurate, particularly for low flows and high pressure applications. Once again no auxiliary energy is required.

Specification RAKD41 Mini Rotameter
Measureable Flow Rates Water (20°C): 0,1 l/h min, 250 l/h max,
Air (20°C 1 bar absolute): 0.075 m3/h min, 1400 m3/h max.
Tubes Tube and process connection one unit
Accuracy class
acc. VDE/VDI 3513 Bl. 2
2.5 with PTFE lining
max. Process pressure 40 bar (higher on request)
max. Process temperature 370 °C (with option /A2)
Process connection Flange acc. EN 1092-1 Form B1 or acc. ASME B 16.5
Thread neck DIN 11851
Tri clam p
Inner thread NPT; G
Materials Process connection: 1.4404 (AISI 316L) / PTFE
Fitting: Indicator housing 1.4301 (AISI 304) / Alu / PA
Tube: 1.4404 (AISI 316L) / PTFE
Approx. installation length
Process connections
250 mm with flange
Power supply 2/3 wire; 13.5 - 30VDC und 4 wire, 115 VAC, 230 VAC
Output signal 0-20mA; 4-20mA

Model Numbers
Specify the Model Number by choosing one code from each section. Please call to order.

RAKD41 Rotameter Size 1/4-inch
Process Connection
-G4 Internal Thread G 1/4" PN40
-G6 Internal Thread G 3/8" PN100
-G7 Internal Thread G 3/8" PN160
-R3 Internal Thread Rp 1/4" PN25
-T3 Internal Thread NPT 1/4" PN25
-T4 Internal Thread NPT 1/4" PN40
-T6 Internal Thread NPT 3/8" PN100
-T7 Internal Thread NPT 3/8" PN160
Material Wetted Parts
SS Stainless steel (316Ti)
Measuring Tube
-31 Cone Size 31
-32 Cone Size 32
-33 Cone Size 33
-34 Cone Size 34
-37 Cone Size 37
-41 Cone Size 41
-42 Cone Size 42
-43 Cone Size 43
-44 Cone Size 44
-47 Cone Size 47
-51 Cone Size 51
-52 Cone Size 52
-53 Cone Size 53
Valve Type
NNN Without Valve
VPA Valve in Outlet (PTFE, PTFE)
VPE Valve in Inlet (PTFE, PTFE)
VSA Valve in Outlet (PTFE, Silver)
VSE Valve in Inlet (PTFE, Silver)
-E Electronic Transmitter
-T Local Indicator Only
Indicator Housing
80 Stainless Steel Housing
Power Supply/Output
424 24 V DC; 2 wire, 4-20mA
NNN None (local indicator)
/A12 US engineering units (only with -E indicator)
/B1 Stainless steel tagplate wired on
/B4 Neutral version (not with option /P6 and Ex-proof type)
/B8 Customer specific labeling
/BD Dual scale
/BG Customer specific notes on scale
/CP Pulse output
/H1 Degreasing certificate
/KS1 ATEX intrinsically safe "ia" (not for indicator -T without limit switches)
/KS2 ATEX gas and dust proof limit switches, category 2G 1D
/KN1 ATEX category 3G "nL" / 3D (not for indicator -T without limit switches)
/CS1 CSA intrinsic safe approval for limit switches (US and CAN)
/P2 Test Certificate 2.2, EN 10204
/P3 Test Report 2.2, EN 10204
/P6 Material Certificate per EN 10204
/PP Pressure Test Certificate
/PM1 PAMI test (1 test point: metering tube)
/PM4 PAMI test (4 points: metering tube, connection heads, sealing plug)
/QR1 Russian GOST Certificate
/QR2 Kasachian GOST Certificate
/IE1 English Instruction Manual - Hard Copy
Limit Switches Options
/K1 MIN-contact
/K2 MAX-contact
/K3 MIN-MAX,MIN-MIN, MAX-MAX contact (only with -T Indicator)
/K6 MIN-contact - Fail safe
/K7 MAX-contact - Fail Safe
/K8 MIN-MAX,MIN-MIN, MAX-MAX contact - Fail safe (only with -T Indicator)
/W1A Power Supply, KFAG-SR2 - Ex1-W/115 vac 1 ch (must choose /K1, /K2, /K3)
/W1B Power supply, KFA6-SR2-Ex2-W / 115VAC 2 ch. (must choose /K1, /K2, /K3)
/W2A Power supply, KFA6-SR2-Ex1-W / 230VAC 1 ch. (must choose /K1, /K2, /K3)
/W2B Power supply, KFA6-SR2-Ex2-W / 230VAC 2 ch. (must choose /K1, /K2, /K3)
/W2E Power supply, KFA6-SR2-Ex1-W / 230VAC 1 ch. - Fail safe (must choose /K6, /K7, /K8)
/W4A Power supply, KFD2-SR2-Ex1-W / 24 V DC 1 ch. (must choose /K1, /K2, /K3)
/W4B Power supply, KFD2-SR2-Ex2-W / 24 V DC 2 ch. (must choose /K1, /K2, /K3)
/W4E Power supply, KFD2-SR2-Ex1-W / 24 V DC 1 ch. - Fail Safe (must choose /K6, /K7, /K8)
Power Supply Option for Electronic Transmitter
/U2F SINEAX B811-14; 115/230V AC; EExi
/U3F SINEAX B811-13; 24VAC/DC;EExi
Pressure Controller
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