Yokogawa 2781 High-Precision Standard Resistor

  • Nominal value - 1Ω
  • Calibrated limit of error ±2 ppm
  • Selected Manganin wire resistor element
  • Thoroughly annealed and aged for long-term stability
  • Double-sealed brass container with inert gas enclosed
  • Suitable for use as a reference standard of resistance in laboratories and instrument rooms
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Model 2781 is an one-ohm prime resistance standard ideally suited for preservation and maintenance of resistance values in laboratories and instrument rooms. In order to ensure long-term stability as a reference standard,  resistors are manufactured under close supervision with special consideration given to the use of carefully selected Manganin wire  for resistor elements. Each element is bifilar wound, carefully adjusted, and thoroughly annealed.
Model Nominal Value Terminal Construction Accuracy Calibrated Limit of Error Power Rating Construction
At  20±0.2°C, Power consumption less then 0.02W, in stirred oil
2781 4-Terminal ±20ppm ±2ppm Less then 1W Double Sealed Brass container with 4 terminal construction
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