Yokogawa 2722 & 2723 Precision DC Potentiometers

  • ±0.01% Accuracy
  • Simple Operation
  • Easy readout
  • Perfect Shielding and guarded Circuits
  • Stable Operation
  • Effects of parasitic emf Eliminated
  • Heat-insulated Keys

Click here for larger image - Yokogawa 2722 Precision DC PotentiometersClick here for larger image - Yokogawa 2722 Precision DC Potentiometers
Yokogawa 2722 Shown

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Models 2722 and 2723 are high-quality DC Potentiometers. Utmost care has been taken in the selection of materials, components, and circuit design to insure the high accuracy and stability. The Potentiometers are recommended for use in test rooms and laboratories as secondary standard instruments or in workshops and inspection departments of factories for fine checking.

Model 2722 measures voltage from 10mV to 1.6V at an accuracy of 0.01% in five or six digits.

Model 2723 is especially designed for low-voltage measurements from 0.1µV to 111mV at an accuracy of 0.01% in five or six Digits.
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272200  Yokogawa 272200 Precision DC Potentiometer, 1.5 V range: -0.00010 to 1.6111 V  Buy Now $12,514.00
272300  Yokogawa 272300 Precision DC Potentiometer, 100 mV range: -0.010 to 111.110 mV  Buy Now $11,635.00
Included Accessories
  • 1 - Power Cord
  • 1 - User's Manual