Yokogawa AP240E CW Viewer: Data Analysis Program for the CW240 and CW120 Series

  • Graph Display
  • Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Reports
  • Harmonic Graph
  • Waveform Data Display
  • Voltage Change Display

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CW Viewer AP240E is data analyzing software for the CW240 and CW120/121 Clamp-on Power meter. Making full use of the rich measuring functions of the CW series units, which efficiently manages the large amounts of measurement data.
Compatible with OS Platforms: Windows 2000 Professional / XP Home Edition / Professional Edition
  • Report creation in line with Specific objectives:
    • Graph Display
    • Daily Report Display; Weekly / Monthly Report Display
    • Harmonic Graph Display
    • Harmonics Instant Value Display
    • Waveform Data Display
    • Voltage Change Display

Bulk Data Management

In order to edit measurement data to create reports that meet objectives, it is necessary to sort the required elements from a broad range of measurement data, and to set both the parameters for display, and items to display. CW Viewer AP 240E carries out bulk management of data by registering measurement data and display parameters. Easy data registration, deletion, reference, and analysis means that the program is easy to use immediately, even for beginners.

Bulk Management of Large Quantities of Measurement Data
  • Using the AP-240E, it is easy to register a large amount of data measured with CW240 and/or the CW120 Series in the database, for integrated handling.

    1. At the time of data registration, only the target files are displayed, and detailed information can be confirmed by selecting these files.

    2. Measurement data can be searched by measurement date or group name.

    3. Automatically links to measurement data such as that for waveforms and voltage changes.

    4. Group names and comments can be added and registered.

Fast Reproduction of Past Reports Viewer
AP-240E links display parameters for graphs and records with measurement data, and saves this in the database, which means that reports that have been created in the past can be swiftly recreated in the same format.
Variety of Presentations in Line with Objectives
Report formats that can be selected as a result of the types of measurement data are displayed on tabs. Report formats in line with objectives can be easily selected with tabs from a variety of report presentations.

Selection of Report Formats with Tabs
Examples of the various report formatsReport formats such as graph display, daily report display, harmonics graph and voltage change can be easily switched by selection with tabs. Superimposed Display of Multiple Waveforms, A channel, system, and type can be selected for each measurement item such as power, voltage, and current, and up to 8 items can be simultaneously displayed on the graph for each of the left and right vertical axes (a total of 16 items). This enables the comparative display per channel and system of multiple data items that is easy to view.

Daily Report Display

Demand measurement values for power consumption are displayed in time units (30 minutes or 1 hour) as daily reports, simply by selecting the desired demand measurement items. Furthermore, load and demand ratio calculations are carried out automatically by setting capacitance values for facilities.Examples of the various reports obtained from the CW240/CW120/CW121
Weekly and Monthly Report Display
Demand measurement values for power consumption in 1 day units are displayed as weekly and monthly reports. Load and demand ratio calculations are carried out automatically in the same way as with daily reports.
Voltage Change Display
Displays in a list voltage drops, rises, and momentary power interruption detection data and detection time. This enables confirmation of the start, end, and period of voltage changes.
Record Display
When the graph display, harmonics trend display, and harmonics instant value display tabs have been selected, numerical data for the displayed graph range can be displayed as a record.
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AP140E Yokogawa AP140E Data Analysis Program Discontinued
AP240E Yokogawa AP240E Data Analysis Program Discontinued
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  • 1 - AP240E Installation CD
  • 1 - User Registration Card