Yokogawa Datum-Y Portable Data station

  • 8 or 16 insulated input channels
  • Supports direct TC, RTD and voltage inputs
  • 16 MB internal memory + flash card capability
  • A measurement data file can be divided while the data is being logged
  • Four arithmetic operation can now be done between two channels (expanded from only differential calculation between done between two channels (expanded from only differential calculation between two channels)
  • The maximum DCV input range is +/- 50V
  • Two simultaneous communication accesses are possible with measurement cycles greater of 10 seconds as long as the connections are:
    • Lan RS-485
    • LAN to RS-232
  • Trigger & alarm functions
  • Ethernet, USB, RS232 and RS 485
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Yokogawa DatumY Shown
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The XL120D can be equipped with 8 input channels and the XL122-D and XL124-D with 16 input channels. Both have 16 MB internal memory as well as capacity for external storage mediums such as CF or SD card; and USB memory. The analog input section accepts DCV, Thermocouple and RTD with measurement intervals from 100ms(8 channel only), and 200ms up to 1 hour (both models). The digital input section can support 1 channel for pulse input and 2 channels for logic inputs. In addition, alarm summaries, log displays and review functions can be retained and displayed in this powerful, but compact portable data logger (weighs 28 ounces w/o battery).
All Channels adopt Universal Insulated Inputs
The channels in the analog input part adopt insulated inputs, which means that temperature (thermocouple/resistance temperature detector) and voltage can be set differently for each channel. The digital inputs are equipped with one pulse channel and two logic channels.

Best-In class Noise reduction
Datum-Y achieves excellent noise resistance rated among the best in the class of handy measuring products. With Datum-Y, stable measurement is possible in various noise environments, such as when measuring inverter-driven machines or thyrister-controlled units that are commonly used for energy-saving purposes

Data Saving at 100ms
Datum-Y saves data at the maximum speed of 100 ms (when the 8-channel terminal block is used). You can save data in either binary format or ASCII format (for display in Excel). Binary data can be checked on site in the review mode or shown in waveforms using the supplied “D-TOOL” software.

Acquisition of Large amounts of data using External Storage Media
Acquisition of Large Amounts of Data Using External Storage Media Datum-Y lets you save data not only in its internal memory (16 MB), but also in external storage media such as compact flash memory cards* and SD cards* (up to 512 MB). Data saved in these media can be copied to a USB memory* for easy transfer to a PC.
* Use compact flash memory cards, SD cards and/or USB memory whose compatibility with Datum-Y has been verified.
Spot checking of Acquired data
You can check measured data (binary) on Datum-Y right away. Overall trend and alarm output can be checked on the spot immediately after acquisition.
While Datum-Y is logging data, you can display past data and current data in the logging review mode for comparison and identification of trend. (This function is available only when binary data is acquired.)

Calculation Function
Datum-Y is capable of inter-channel calculations (among channels, between channels and constants, etc.), statistical operations (minimum, maximum, average, root-mean-square and peak values from start to end of logging), and scaling.

Trigger Function

Datum-Y acquires data before and after a trigger (pre-trigger/trigger delay) to help you detect and analyze the cause of an error. You can select the single mode (a trigger is issued only once) or continuous mode (a trigger is issued every time the condition is satisfied).

Alarm System

Datum-Y can be fitted with up to four alarm output channels. One alarm can be set for each input channel, and multiple channels can be combined freely with AND/OR gates. You can also use the e-mail delivery function to notify specified e-mail addresses upon occurrence or reset of an alarm.

Auto Set & Run Function (automatic Measurement Function)

Simply connect an external storage medium (CF card, SD card or USB memory) containing a predefined file (AUTORUN.SET), and Datum-Y will change the necessary settings and take measurements automatically. (You need to enable the automatic measurement function of Datum-Y beforehand.)
Four Modes of connection:
  • Lan
    • Data-Y adopts standard protocols all network administrators familiar to with.
      • Datum-Y supports standard protocols such as HTTP, FTP, SMTP and SNTP based on Ethernet connection (10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX), so no dedicated software is necessary. You can also use the user authentication function to permit access only to pre-registered users, in order to prevent illegal access to Datum-Y from networks. Up to seven users (one administrator and six users) can be pre-registered.
  • RS-485/RS-232
    • Serial communication (RS-232, RS-485) can be performed using a dedicated protocol as well as Modbus RTU and Modbus ASCII protocols that are supported by Datum-Y’s standard capability. Datum-Y can be connected to other equipment to acquire data simultaneously with temperature/voltage. 32 dedicated communication channels are provided.
  • USB
    • Datum-Y connects one-on-one with a PC. You can acquire data, change Datum-Y settings or perform various other operations on Datum-Y from a PC.
  • RS-232 (for Printers)
    • RS-232 (Printer) You can connect a printer via RS-232 connection to print paper reports on site.
Ordering Information
Model Description Buy Online Price
XL121D Yokogawa XL121D Portable Datum-Y 8-ch with plug-in terminal block  Discontinued
XL121-D/SP1 Yokogawa XL121-D/SP1 8-ch with plug-in terminal block w/ Carrying case and Lithium Ion Battery  Discontinued
XL122D Yokogawa XL122D Portable Datum-Y 16-ch with plug-in terminal block  Discontinued
XL122-D/SP1 Yokogawa XL122-D/SP1 16-ch with plug-in terminal block w/ Carrying case and Lithium Ion Battery  Discontinued
XL124D Yokogawa XL124D 16-ch with screwterminal block  Discontinued
XL124-D/SP1 Yokogawa XL124-D/SP1 16-ch with screwterminal block w/ Carrying case and Lithium Ion Battery  Discontinued
Included Accessories
  • 1 - Terminal Block: 8 channel (XL121)or 16 channel (XL122/XL124)
  • 1 - AC Adaptor
  • 1 - Rubber Boot
  • 1 - Screwdriver
  • 1 - Quick Menu
  • 1 - CD-Rom containing the Standard software and manuals


Optional Accessories

Cases and Stands

93037 Yokogawa 93037 Carrying case for Datum-Y  Buy Now Sale $50.00
(Reg. $247.00)
93039 Yokogawa 93039 Stand for titled installation,wall or DIN rail mounting  Buy Now


91029 Yokogawa 91029 Digital I/O cable  Discontinued
94009 Yokogawa 94009 Lithium ion battery 2400 mAh,7.4V  Discontinued
97010 Yokogawa 97010 Printer with 1 roll thermal paper and 1 battery pack  Buy Now Sale $733.95
(Reg. $788.00)