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Yokogawa 3213A Analog Insulation Tester

  • Analog models with single ranting
  • AC voltage measurement  and check live wires as motive power lines
  • One-touch operation Press-and-lock switch for continuous measurement
  • A wide choice of accessories to meet various testing requirements
  • Vibration and shock-resistant hand held compact testers

Click here for larger image - Yokogawa 3213A  Analog Insulation TesterClick here for larger image - Yokogawa 3213A  Analog Insulation Tester
Yokogawa 3213A
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Scale length: Approx. 88 mm

Dimensions (main unit): Approx. 110(W)x180(H)x60(D)mm

Weight: Approx. 700g {including batteries), or approx. 1.2 kg including hard case, handle, test leads and batteries

Batteries: Eight AA (R6P) batteries
Ordering Information
Model Description Buy Online Price
321341  Yokogawa 321341 Analog 100V/20M ohm, 150V  Buy Now $329.00
321342  Yokogawa 321342 Analog 250V/50M ohm, 250V  Buy Now $329.00
321343  Yokogawa 321343 Analog 500V/100M ohm, 300V  Buy Now $329.00
321344  Yokogawa 321344 Analog 500V/1,000M ohm, 300V  Buy Now $376.00
321345  Yokogawa 321345 Analog 1,000V/2,000M ohm, 300V  Buy Now $505.00
Included Accessories
  • 1 - Carrying Case
  • 1 - Line Probes
  • 1 - Earth probes
  • 1 - User's Manual
  • 4 - Batteries


Optional Accessories
Model Description Buy Online Price
Carrying Cases and Holders
B9600NV  Yokogawa B9600NV Probe Tip Storage Bag  Buy Now $26.00
B9646CA  Yokogawa B9646CA Test Lead Storage Bag for CA10 series  Buy Now $15.00
B9600HA  Yokogawa B9600HA Case for 3213  Buy Now $39.00
Probes and Test Leads
321802  Yokogawa 321802 Test Lead with Probe Switch  Discontinued
Spare Probe Tips
B9600GN  Yokogawa B9600GN General Purpose Probe Tip #1  Buy Now $26.00
B9600NW  Yokogawa B9600NW Probe Tip with Hook #2  Buy Now $26.00
B9600NX  Yokogawa B9600NX Probe Tip Extension #3  Buy Now $26.00
B9600NZ  Yokogawa B9600NZ Probe Tip Pointed #5  Buy Now $26.00