Wonwooo Rapport Mini
Multi-functional CCTV Tester

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Product Information
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  • Color CCTV field monitor
  • Video Singal generator
  • PTZ protocol analyzer
  • DIgital multi meter
  • PTZ Controller
Designed, with portability and serious CCTV engineers in mind, The Rapport Mini Multi-functional CCTV Tester is an a advanced piece of video test equipment consisting of many useful test functions needed to professional install a CCTV system; test functions include Video Level, Service Monitor, Multimeter, PTZ Test, Rs-422 and RS-485 Communication test, etc.


Color CCTV field monitor

The Wonwoo Rapport Mini's built-in 3.5 inch color Digital Type TFT-LCD monitor, supports both PAL & NTSC video signal format. Display video signal level (IRE) is helpful to check the video quality. Brightness & Contrast control.

Video signal generator

The Wonwoo Rapport Mini features Video signal generator. It outputs Color bar, Red, Blue and Green screen to allow technician to inspect video monitor or DVR. Support both PAL & NTSC video signal format.

Video Siganal Generator

The Wonwoo Rapport Mini features digital multimeter. It combines the most basic instrument include a voltemeter, ohmmeter and continuity tester.

PTZ Controller

The Wonwoo Mini features full function of CCTV PTZ Controller. The PTZ Controller controls & programs variety of Speed & Slow Dome cameras. This will allow CCTV installer to test or program PTZ cameras at the actual camera job site. It has multi protocol and programmable baud rate.

PTZ Protocol Analyzer

The Rapport III features PTZ Protocol Analyzer, which determines which protocol to control you PTZ cameras from PTZ Controller or DVR. This will guide CCTV installer to understand the protocol and find the fault device easily.

Light on/off Mode

Rapport Mini features light function. On/off function implementation, of high efficient light source

Functions Description
Input Voltage 12V ±10%, above 1.2A
Battery Lithium Polymer Battery (Inner Packaging)
Built-in Charger Charging time: More than 6 hrs
Operating time: More than 6 hrs(Max.8hrs)
Display 2.5" TFT-LCD (Digital), RGB666
Display resolution 320x240
Working. Temp -10° C ~ 40° C
Video Mode Video in/out 1 CH, BNC (in/out selectable), 1.0 Vpp
LCD Adjusment Brightness, contrast
Color bar generation Standard Color bar (NTSC/ PAL)
Signal Mode NTSC/ PAL (Auto adapt)
PTZ Controler Communication RS422, RS385
Baud rate 2400bps~38400bps
RX Data Analyzer Hex Value Analyzis
Digital Multimeter DC Voltage Range 400mV/4V/300V
AC Voltage Range 4V/40V/300V
Continuity Built-in Buzzer Sound
Resistance Range 400Ω/4kΩ/40kΩ/400kΩ/4MΩ/40MΩ
Light Control On/Off Viewing angle:about 60°
-Normal Operation:5 hours continuous working
-Flash intensity:Low/Mid/High
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RAPPORTMINI Wonwooo Rapport Mini Multi-functional CCTV Tester Discontinued
Included Accessories
  • 1 - Test Lead Set
  • 1 - Body Cover
  • 1 - Power Adapter
  • 1 - BNC Video Cable
  • 1 - User Manual