Wohler Rotary VIPER 4832, 4866 & 7440
Cleaning equipment attachments, 12mm

  • Brushes Not Included
  • Stiff rotary viper can be pushed upwards or used downwards
  • CW / CCW (Clockwise/counterclockwise) rotation, which enhances the cleaning effect
  • Easy and fast cleaning
  • Safety clutch between the drill and the rotary viper enhances safety
  • Extremely flexible shaft
  • Can be operated with battery driven drill
  • Rotary Viper PA attaches to drill for use on smaller vents
  • Rotary Viper PX has stiffer covering which enables equipment to be pushed through long ducts
Click here for a larger image - Wöhler Rotary Viper PA & PXClick here for a larger image - Wohler Rotary VIPER
Wohler Rotary VIPER Shown

Ordering Information
Model Description Buy Online Price
4832 Wohler 4832 Rotary Viper PA Light with GRP Rod 12 mm Buy Now Sale $409.50
(Reg. $455.00)
7440 Wohler 7440 Rotary Viper PX Heavy Duty with GRP Rod 12 mm with chain and holder, 10m/33ft cable Buy Now Sale $1,845.00
(Reg. $2,050.00)
Obsolete Models
4866 Wohler 4866 30ft. Rotary Viper with 7 inv perlon brush head  Discontinued
Optional Accessories
9417 Wohler 9417 Protective Rod Tube for large Vipers Buy Now $36.00