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Wohler DP 700

Leakage Tester

Brand: Wohler
Model No: DP 700
MPN: 7135
Our Model No: DP700
Condition: NEW
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DP 700


Product Features:

  • Quality assurance in the production and assembly of air ducts and components as well as equipment
  • Additional adapters for air flow rates < 0.3 l/s assure high levels of accuracy
  • Suitable for leakage tests outside of VAC-systems
  • Easy to operate with operator guidance or expert mode
  • Practical set suitable for a wide range of applications
  • Store up to 100 measurements
  • Automatic or manual measurement sequence
  • Data transmissions via USB connection
  • Practical set in 2 cases, easy to transport and store

The Wohler DP 700 leakage tester is designed to verify the airtightness of duct systems and single components, but can also be used to test other enclosures (air conditioning units, climate chambers, electrical cabinets, furnaces, etc.). It is especially designed for leakage tests according to DIN EN 12599 - Test procedures and measurement methods to hand over air conditioning and ventilation systems according to DIN EN 14134 - Performance testing and installation checks of residential ventilation systems. The tightness is valued according to the tightness classes of DIN EN 13779 (identical to DIN EN 12237, 1507, 15727, 13403, 1751, 13180). The Wohler DP 700 can be used to measure positive and negative pressure.

The Wohler DP700 Leakage Tester makes it possible to detect leakages in air ducts, components and appliances during production or prior to plant acceptance. Leakage tests with the Wohler DP 700 make an important contribution to assuring quality during production and installation and, as a consequence, to the energy efficiency of air-conditioning and ventilation systems.

Ever-increasing demands are being placed on the energy efficiency of VAC systems. In that respect the leak-tightness of ductwork has a particularly important role to play. This aspect holds the greatest potential for saving energy, if it is possible to adapt the air flow to actual requirements in conjunction with low leakage rates. In this respect, low device- and ductwork leakages will in future need to be taken into consideration a great deal more. Consequently, corresponding measurements will gain in importance.

  • 1 - Air hose 3.75 m
  • 1 - Air hose 4 m – for adapter
  • 1 - Pressure hose 10 m
  • 1 - Calibration report
  • 1 - Power cable 2.5 m
  • 1 - Adapter
  • 2 - Brass nipples
  • 1 - Hose connection for negative pressure
  • 1 - Filter pad
  • 1 - Silicone grease
  • 2 - Transport cases
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7130 Wohler Technologies 7130 Documentation Set for DP700, includes Printer, Paper, and Software Discontinued
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