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Weller SP120

Marksman Solder Iron 120V, 120W, 900°F with MTG30 Tip

Brand: Weller
Model No: SP120
Our Model No: SP120
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • Fine quality, heavy-duty iron, 11-3/8"/289mm long
  • MTG30 1/2"/13mm diameter replaceable iron-plated copper tip
  • Develops 900°F/482°C temperature
  • Stainless steel barrel and heat and impact resistant handle
  • Sturdy, round handle design to easily roll tip
  • UL listed - CUL version available


  • Home workshop
  • Repairs
  • Stained glass
  • Hobbies


  • Wattage 120W
  • Temperature Range 900°F
  • Voltage Input 120V

The Weller SP120 is a 120W, 120V, 900°F Marksman Solder Iron with MTG30 Tip. The SP120 features a stainless steel barrel, a heat and impact resistant handle, and a sturdy, round handle design to easily roll tip. Applications include home workshop, repairs, stained glass, and hobbies.

  • 1 - MTG30 Tip
MT Tips
Model Description Buy Now Price
MT1 Weller MT1 MT Series Conical Solder Tip Marksman, 3.1mm, for the SP23/SP23D Irons, 2 per Pack Add to Cart


MT10 Weller MT10 MT Series Chisel Shaped Marksman Replacement Tip, 6.35mm, for the SP40/SP40D Irons Add to Cart


MT202 Weller MT202 MT Series Conical Tip, 0.76 x 25mm, for the MT1500 Station & 1501 Series Irons Add to Cart
Sale $57.78
MT2 Weller MT2 MT Series Screwdriver Marksman Replacement Tip, 4.0 x .38mm, for the SP23/SP23D Irons Add to Cart


MT3 Weller MT3 MT Series Chisel Marksman Replacement Tip, 4.0mm, for the SP23/SP25 Irons Add to Cart


MT301 Weller MT301 MT Series Screwdriver Solder Tip, 1.19 x 0.63mm, for the MT1500/MT1501 Irons Add to Cart
Sale $66.56
MT302 Weller MT302 MT Series Conical Solder Tip, 5.1 x .38mm, for the MT1500/MT1501 Irons Add to Cart


MT303 Weller MT303 MT Series Conical Bent Solder Tip, 0.40mm, for the MT1500/MT1501 Irons Add to Cart
Sale $66.56
MT617 Weller MT617 MT Series Conical Blade Tip, 0.76 x 9.9mm, for the MT1500/MT1501 Irons Add to Cart
Sale $135.90
MT70 Weller MT70 MT Series Cone Shape Marksman Replacement Tip, 3.1mm, for the SP12 Solder Iron Add to Cart


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