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Weller SPG80L

Iron Stained Glass Marksman 120V, 80W, 900°F

Brand: Weller
Model No: SPG80L
Our Model No: SPG80L
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • New indicator light allows you to instantly see iron is on
  • Can tackle intricate seams repair old ones, ideal for stained glass work
  • Simple and safe to use
  • Helpful hints and instructions inside clamshell
  • Marksman soldering tips available
  • UL listed - cUL version available


  • Wattage 80W
  • Temperature Range 900°F / 482°C
  • Voltage Input 120V

The Weller SPG80L is a 80W, 120V, 900°F Iron Stained Glass Marksman. The SPG80L features a new indicator light that allows you to instantly see iron is on, simple and safe usability, helpful hints and instructions inside clamshell. UL listed - cUL version available.

  • 1 - SP80L Iron
  • 1 - MTG20 Tip
  • 1 - MTG21 Tip
  • 1 - Soldering Iron Rest
Compatible Solder
Model Description
Kester Spooled Wire Solder Acid Core, Flux Core, No Clean Core, and Solid Core Solders
MT Tips
Model Description Buy Now Price
MT1 Weller MT1 MT Series Conical Solder Tip Marksman, 3.1mm, for the SP23/SP23D Irons, 2 per Pack Add to Cart


MT10 Weller MT10 MT Series Chisel Shaped Marksman Replacement Tip, 6.35mm, for the SP40/SP40D Irons Add to Cart


MT202 Weller MT202 MT Series Conical Tip, 0.76 x 25mm, for the MT1500 Station & 1501 Series Irons Add to Cart
Sale $60.39
MT2 Weller MT2 MT Series Screwdriver Marksman Replacement Tip, 4.0 x .38mm, for the SP23/SP23D Irons Add to Cart


MT3 Weller MT3 MT Series Chisel Marksman Replacement Tip, 4.0mm, for the SP23/SP25 Irons Add to Cart


MT301 Weller MT301 MT Series Screwdriver Solder Tip, 1.19 x 0.63mm, for the MT1500/MT1501 Irons Add to Cart
Sale $69.54
MT302 Weller MT302 MT Series Conical Solder Tip, 5.1 x .38mm, for the MT1500/MT1501 Irons Add to Cart


MT303 Weller MT303 MT Series Conical Bent Solder Tip, 0.40mm, for the MT1500/MT1501 Irons Add to Cart
Sale $71.92
MT617 Weller MT617 MT Series Conical Blade Tip, 0.76 x 9.9mm, for the MT1500/MT1501 Irons Add to Cart
Sale $146.70
MT70 Weller MT70 MT Series Cone Shape Marksman Replacement Tip, 3.1mm, for the SP12 Solder Iron Add to Cart


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