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Weller ML100

Magna-Lite Cordless Butane Micro Torch 2400°F with Key Ring. Butane Not Included

Brand: Weller
Model No: ML100
Our Model No: ML100
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • Piezo Electronic Ignition System for Reliable Ignition Every Time
  • Blue Led Light Illuminates Work in Dark Conditions
  • Adjustable Flame Height
  • Refillable with Weller Wb1 or Wb2 Filtered Butane
  • Nozzle Cover Prevents Accidental Ignition
  • Key Ring Lanyard
  • Magna-Lite Butane Table Top Torch
  • Child safety lock meets CPSC guidelines


  • Maximum Operating Temperature: +2400°F
  • Self Igniting: Yes
  • Run Time 25 min


  • Heat Shrink Tubing
  • Fusing Rope Ends
  • Frozen Locks
  • Camping
  • Labs
  • Boating

The Weller ML100 is a 2400°F Magna-Lite Butane Micro Torch with Key Ring, Butane Not Included. The ML100 features a Piezo Electronic Ignition System for Reliable Ignition Every Time, a Blue Led Light that Illuminates Work in Dark Conditions, an Adjustable Flame Height, a Nozzle Cover that Prevents Accidental Ignition, a Child safety lock that meets CPSC guidelines, a Key Ring Lanyard, and is refillable with Weller Wb1 or Wb2 Filtered Butane.

Compatible Solder
Model Description
Kester Spooled Wire Solder Acid Core, Flux Core, No Clean Core, and Solid Core Solders
Manual: PDF Document Icon (179 KB)
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