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Weller WXDP120KIT Desoldering Iron Kit with WDH 70 Holder

  • Powerful 120 watt pencil for multiple de-soldering applications
  • External solder collection chamber
  • Comes with WDH70 support stand (T0051517299)
  • Pencil has built-in analog-to-digital converter and data memory read
  • Perfect for lead free solder
  • Compatible with XDS Series soldering tips
  • Use only Weller replacement tips or your warranty will be voided
  • ESD safe to protect sensitive components
Click here for a larger image - Weller WXDP120 Kit Desoldering Iron Kit with WDH 70 HolderClick here for a larger image of the WD1 Digital 85W Soldering Station Power Unit, 120V
Weller WXDP120-KIT Shown
Product Information
Datasheet 2.8 MB PDF
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The Weller WXDP120-KIT Desoldering Iron is an advanced, high powered desoldering Iron that heads in 35 seconds. If in standby mode, the time required by the Weller WXDP-120 can be quickened to 20 seconds. A Blue LED Light ring on the Weller WXDP120's handle gives visual indication of the temperature conditions without the need to test.

The extended shaft in the new XD Series of tips deposits molten Solder directly into the solder collection tube and, when the time comes to replace the tiplet, the suction path itself is replaced. Therefore the time consuming task of cleaning the tool is no longer required, meaning that production time is increased and cost reduced.

The Weller WXDP120KIT features a ergonomic, soft grip handle with an integrated finger switch for applying a vacuum, which in turn allows both left and right handed operators to work comfortably and efficiently. A Short distance between the solder collection tube and the handle prevents the tool from twisting.

With its fast response, high-power element, the Weller WXDP120 can be used at lower operating temperature. Coupled with a standby mode, the tiplet life is considerably increased and the amount of energy used, thanks to the Weller WXDP120's internal motion sensor, reduced in-between usage. Additionally, thanks to ingenious mounting, the suction nozzle and solder collection tube can be changed quickly and easily - without the risk of burning the user or tricky replacement methods.

Fits Station WXD2; WXD2010 & WXD2020
Wattage 120 Watts
Temperature Range 150°F - 850°F (Tool Dependent)
Voltage 24 V
Supplied Tip(s) XDS 1 (T0051325099)
Iron Stand WDH70
Ordering Information
Model Description Buy Online Price
MFR ID: T0051320299 
Weller T0051320299 WXDP120KIT High powered Desoldering Iron Kit with WDH 70 Holder Buy Now Sale $391.40
(Reg. $412.00)
Included Accessories
  • 1 - Instruction Manual
  • 1 - WDH 70 Safety Rest
Optional Accessories
T0051517299  Weller WDH70 (T0051517299) Safety Rest with the WDC2 Dry Cleaner Attachment Buy Now Sale $82.84
(Reg. $109.00)
Maintenance/Cleaning Kits
0051303199  Weller 0051303199 Lead Free Tip Tinner & Activator, 1.5 oz Buy Now $9.90
0058765772  Weller 0058765772 Conical Cleaning Insert for the WXDP/DSX120 Series Buy Now $16.40
WPB1  Weller WPB1 Polishing Bar for Cleaning Soldering Tips Buy Now $12.20
Replacement Tips
MFR ID: T0051325099 
Weller XDS1 (T0051325099) XDS Series Desoldering Tip, 1.4x2.5, L=10.5mm, for the DSX 120/WXDP 120 Buy Now $12.90
MFR ID: T0051325199 
Weller XDS2 (T0051325199) XDS Series Desoldering Tip, 3.0x5.3, L=10.5mm, for the DSX 120/WXDP 120 Buy Now $11.80
MFR ID: T0051325299 
Weller XDS3 (T0051325299) XDS Series Desoldering Tip, 1.0x2.3, L=10.5mm, for the DSX 120/WXDP 120 Buy Now $11.80
MFR ID: T0051325399 
Weller XDS4 (T0051325399) XDS Series Desoldering Tip, 1.2x2.5, L=10.5mm, for the DSX 120/WXDP 120 Buy Now $11.80
MFR ID: T0051325499 
Weller XDS5 (T0051325499) XDS Series Desoldering Tip, 1.8x3.3, L=10.5mm, for the DSX 120/WXDP 120 Buy Now $12.90
MFR ID: T0051325599 
Weller XDS6 (T0051325599) XDS Series Desoldering Tip, 0.7x1.9, L=16.5mm, for the DSX 120/WXDP 120 Buy Now $11.80
MFR ID: T0051325699 
Weller XDS7 (T0051325699) XDS Series Desoldering Tip, 1.2x2.7, L=16.5mm, for the DSX 120/WXDP 120 Buy Now $11.80
MFR ID: T0051325799 
Weller XDS8 (T0051325799) XDS Series Desoldering Tip, 1.5x2.9, L=10.5mm, for the DSX 120/WXDP 120 Buy Now $11.80
MFR ID: T0051325899 
Weller XDS9 (T0051325899) XDS Series Measuring Tip for the DSX 120 & WXDP 120 Buy Now $19.30