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Weller WRS3000V2
Self-Contained Two-Function SMT Rework Station with Tools, Discontinued

  • WRS3000 power unit, DS80 desoldering pencil, AK20 stand & sponge
  • Also WSP80 soldering pencil, WPH80 stand & sponge
  • Built-in pump provides vacuum for the desoldering tool
  • Built-in pump also provides air for the optional HAP1 hot air tool
  • Microprocessor with digital read-out gives you complete accuracy
  • Temperature set-back: can be programmed with the built-in timer
  • Vacuum for desoldering is activated by a finger switch on the tool
  • Lock-out key to maintain process control for set parameters
  • Full range of desoldering tiplets available
  • ESD safe to protect sensitive components

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