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Weller WD1000HPT
120 W Soldering Station with High Power Technology,

  • Guaranteed filtration efficiency of 99.5%.
  • The powerful brushless and maintenance free turbine extracts at a volume capacity of 220m3/hour resulting in fast and efficient removal of pollutants from the air.
  • The increased levels of airborne pollutants produced at the work place by lead free soldering are safely and easily removed by the WFE2ES.
  • Low noise emission: less than 55 dBA.
  • Weller's wide range of accessories provides users with a high degree of operational flexibility.

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The WD 1000HPT station features Weller's new 120 W soldering iron, the WP 120.This iron is ideal for soldering on difficult circuit boards with heat sinks that cause dissipation in heat transfer. Target applications include high density circuit boards, High Frequency / Radio Frequency applications, and solar panel production.

The Weller WD1000HPT station is specifically designed for soldering operations which need a combination of high energy and maximum precision..
WD1000HPT Contains
WP120 Soldering Iron Combining a compact, powerful heating element with a replaceable soldering tip the WP 120 guarantees dynamic performance. The rapid transfer of heat into the soldering tip is quickly and precisely controlled with sophisticated electronics which allows the WP 120's compact design to cope with big and difficult solder joints.
WD1M Power Unit The microprocessor controlled WD1M has a number of in built special functions which make it ideally suited for use in production, rework and laboratory environments.WD1Ms' from April 2008 on are supplied with new advanced software specially designed for the WP 120 iron.
WDH10T Stop +
Go Iron Safety Rest
Using the special menu on the WD 1M iron setback time and temperature as well as auto off time can be programmed and they are automatically activated when the soldering iron is placed into the WDH 10T safety rest. When the iron is removed from the rest tip temperature is restored immediately to the set working level. Using this Stop + Go safety rest is an easy and effective way to increase tip life particularly when using lead free solder.
WDC2 Dry Tip Cleaning System
Mains power supply 120 V / 50/60 Hz
Power 160W
Temperature control 150°F -850°F (50°C -450°C)
Temperature accuracy +/-17°F (+/-9°C)
Temperature stability +/-9°F (+/-5°C)
Soldering tip leakage resistance <2 ohm (tip-to-ground)
Soldering tip leakage current <2mV (tip-to-ground)
Compatibility The WP120 pencil is compatible with the “M”power bases rated for 160 watts (date code 04/08 or later)
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