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Weller SP15N
Soldering Iron with LED Light

  • Three LED lights for limited application shadowing
  • Round Co-molded soft grip handle design for easy tip positioning
  • Triangular handle area for maximum tip control
  • Stainless steel heater construction
  • UL listed - cUL version available
  • Excellent quality consumer iron 7" (178mm) long
  • Light duty iron, (15watts) for joining 22 AWG wire or smaller
  • Applications include small electrical and electronic assemblies
  • IMPORTANT: Use only Weller tips
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Weller SP15N Shown

Product Information
Datasheet 1.85 MB PDF
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The Weller SP15N is a high performance, light-duty consumer Soldering Iron with the latest LED technology. 3 LEDs deliver light to the application for superior accuracy. A triangular housing captures the LEDs. Once the tip is in position, the hand naturally gravitates to the triangular area to provide a more stable and effective way to control the tip position.

The soldering iron delivers both comfort and flexibility. A round, soft-grip, non-slip handle design helps relax the hand during extended use. It easily provides a mechanism to roll and position the tip for application needs.
Type Non-Temperature Controlled
Iron tip S5, screwdriver, 0.078”
Wattage 15 W
Temperature Range 750° F (400°C)
Cord Length 5 ft.
Compatible tips S3, screwdriver, 0.138”
S31, conical, 0.015”
S32, screwdriver, 0.078”
Components Supplied SN5 0.078" (2mm) Chisel
Ordering Information
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SP15NUS Weller SP15N Soldering Iron with LED Light Buy Now $15.50
Included Items
  • 1 - Peg hook
  • 1 - Iron stand
  • 1 - User manual