Weller WD1002T
Digital 80W Soldering Station, 120V

  • Includes WDH10T Stop + Go stand - extends tip life
  • WDH10T stand places station in setback mode when pencil is not in use
  • Barrel can be exchanged with optional longer version to work at standard length (65mm)
  • Perfect for Lead Free solder
  • 3 "radio buttons" allows pre-set of frequently used temp settings
  • Setback, lockout, temp. window, F/C switching, standby, auto-off time
  • Large high contrast LCD display displays more information at a glance
  • ESD safe to protect sensitive components
  • For model with WDH10 Programmable Iron Stand see WD1002
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Weller WD1002T Shown

Weller WD1002T Digital Soldering Station with 80W Soldering Pencil features an extra small footprint to free valuable bench space, but that's not all. The Station features the WDH10T Stop+Go stand which is also integrated with the WDC2 dry tip cleaner. The unit has a 3-digit programmable lockout code you set. It also has a programmable temperature offset, settable auto-off time and more.
Voltage 120 V (input); 24 V (output)
Temperature range 150° F - 850° F (50° C - 450° C)
ESD safe Yes
Temperature accuracy ± 9° F (± 5° C)
Temperature stability ± 10° F (± 6° C)
Stand WDH10T (0051516199)
Pencil WP80 (Order No. 0052918099)
Power consumption 80W
Barrels Short (Included with the WP80) Long (Optional)
Special Functions
Setback Time
Allows programming of the number of minutes (1 – 99), before the temperature sets back to idle mode.
Standby Temperature
Allows selection of desired setback temperature, down to 200°F.
Temperature Lockout
Allows supervisor to easily set a temperature that cannot be changed by the operator.
F˚/C˚ Switching
Allows the temperature display to read in either ° F or ° C, depending on your process or preference.
Temperature Offset
Allows the display temperature to be adjusted ± 72° F when working with higher mass tips, where the temperature reading can be affected by the mass of the tip.
Auto-Off Time
Allows programming of the number of minutes of inactivity (1 – 999), before the station powers off automatically.
Ordering Information
Model Description Buy Online Price
WD1002T Weller WD1002T Digital Soldering Station, 85W, 120 V, with WP80 Pencil and WDH10T Stop and Go Stand Discontinued
Optional Configuration
WD1002 Weller WD1002 Digital 80W Soldering Station, 120V (with WP80 Pencil) Buy Now Sale $350.55
(Reg. $369.00)
Included Accessories
  • 1 - 0052918099 WP80 80W Soldering Pencil with Short Tip-To-Grip
  • 1 - 0051516199 WDH10T Stop and Go Stand
Replacement Accessories
WP80 Weller 0052918099 WP80 80 Watt Soldering Pencil with Short Tip-To-Grip Buy Now Sale $111.52
(Reg. $136.00)
WDH10T Weller 0051516199 WDH 10T Stop and Go Holder and Sponge for WP80 and WSP80 Buy Now Sale $100.80
(Reg. $112.00)
Replacement Tips
Tips Weller Replacement Soldering Tips More Info>>>