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Weller 0051317399
Micro SMD Desoldering Tweezers Set
with WMRTH Stand and RTW2 Tip Set

  • Precise desoldering of very small SMD components
  • Tips are parallel in the tip cartridge so they are always in alignment
  • Compatible with WD1M and WD2M high speed power units
  • The tips are automatically switched off when placed in the WMRTH stand
  • Uses RTW series plug-in style tip cartridges
  • Automatically switches off the tweezers when placed in the stand
  • Tip life is extended by the shut-off feature
  • Perfect for lead free applications
  • ESD safe to protect sensitive components
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WMRTSET Weller 0051317399 WMRT Micro Tweezers with WMRTH Stand and RTW2 Tip Set Buy Now Sale $354.35
(Reg. $373.00)