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Weller WD1000M
120 V Micro Digital Rework Soldering Station
See: Weller WX1011

  • Designed for fine pitch, high density SMT soldering and rework
    3 "radio buttons" allows pre-set of frequently used temp settings
  • Setback, lockout, temp. window, F/C switching, standby, auto-off time
  • Large high contrast LCD display displays more information at a glance
  • The heating element is contained in the tip for fast heat-up
    Pencil is made of aluminum with chrome plating and weighs just 75g
  • The pencil powers down when placed in the holder to extend tip life
  • The "tip to grip" distance is 45mm, placing you close to the work
  • A swivel head on the stand allows for adjustment of the pencil tilt angle
  • ESD safe to protect sensitive components
  • Uses RT series Tips

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Product Information
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The Weller WD1000M is and extension of the popular WD1000 soldering station.  This next generation product features a technology that allows the use of the WMRP micro soldering pencil and the new WMRT micro desoldering tweezers.  The electronics provide high speed regulation for these new tools, with advanced technology for high reliability and micro electronic applications.  In addition, standard Weller soldering tools such as the WSP80 80-watt soldering pencil are compatible.
Ordering Information
Model Description Buy Online Price
WD1000M Weller WD1000M 120 V Micro Digital Rework Soldering Station with WMRP Pencil Discontinued
See: WX1011
Included Accessories
  • 1 - WD1M Power Unit
  • 1 - WMRH Soldering Stand
  • 1 - WMRP Micro Pencil
  • 1 - 0054460399 Chisel Tip (1.3mm x 0.4mm)


Replacement Parts
WMRTSET Weller 0051317399 WMRT Micro Tweezers with WMRTH Stand and RTW2 Tip Set Buy Now Sale $354.35
(Reg. $373.00)
WD1M Weller WD1M Power Unit, 85W, Digital , 120V Buy Now Sale $267.90
(Reg. $282.00)
WDH50 Weller 0051515699 WDH50 Holder and Sponge for WMRP Soldering Pencil Buy Now Sale $94.16
(Reg. $107.00)
RT1 Weller 0054460199 Soldering Tip for WMRS, Needle Shape Buy Now Sale $31.50
(Reg. $35.00)
0054460399 Weller 0054460399 Chisel Tip for WMRS (1.3mm x 0.4mm) Discontinued
0054460599 Weller 0054460599 Bent Chisel Tip for WMRS (0.8mm x 0.4mm) Discontinued
RT6 Weller 0054460699 Round Sloped Tip for WMRS (1.2mm) Buy Now $35.00
RT2MS Weller 0054461799 RT2MS Needle Tip Cartridge for WMRPMS Buy Now Sale $31.50
(Reg. $35.00)
RT4MS Weller 0054461899 Rt4Ms Chisel Tip Cartridge, 1.5mm x 0.4mm WMRPMS Buy Now Sale $31.50
(Reg. $35.00)
RT7MS Weller 0054462199 RT7MS Needle Tip Cartridge for WMRPMS Buy Now $36.80
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