Weller WD2M
Micro Digital Rework Power Unit, Dual Channel, 120V

  • Compatible with WMRS solder pencil and WMRT desoldering tweezers
  • Designed for fine pitch, high density SMT soldering and rework
  • 3 "radio buttons" allows pre-set of frequently used temp settings
  • Setback, lockout, temp. window, F/C switching, standby, auto-off time
  • Large high contrast LCD display displays more information at a glance
  • Power consumption: 160 W
  • ESD safe to protect sensitive components
Click here for a larger image - Weller WD2M Micro Digital Rework Power Unit, Dual Channel, 120 VClick here for a larger image of the WD1 Digital 85W Soldering Station Power Unit, 120V
Weller WD2M Shown

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Both the WD1 and WD2 stations feature three independent and fully programmable preset buttons that allow you to select a preset temperature for each. The operation of the buttons is similar to the station selection buttons on a car radio. Just set the temperature to the desired setting, press and hold any of the buttons for two seconds, and that button is preset to that temperature. The programming range of the buttons is anywhere within the station’s temperature range of 150°F to 850°F.

A button can be preset to your favorite idle temperature, allowing you to instantly activate a feature that saves both tip life and power, even before the station activates it automatically.

Both stations also feature a large(67mm x 29mm) high contrast LCD display that simultaneously shows currently selected temperature and the temperature that has been programmed for each of the three preset buttons.
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WD2M Weller WD2M (T0053411299) Dual-Channel Power Unit, 120V/160W Buy Now Sale $377.15
(Reg. $397.00)
Included Accessories
  • 1 - Instruction Manual


Optional Accessories
WSP80 Weller WSP80 80 Watts Soldering Pencil for Silver Series Soldering Stations Buy Now Sale $116.10
(Reg. $135.00)
WP80 Weller 0052918099 WP80 80 Watt Soldering Pencil with Short Tip-To-Grip Buy Now Sale $111.52
(Reg. $136.00)
WMP Weller WMP 65 Watts Micro Soldering Pencil for WSL and WSL2 Digital Stations Discontinued
Weller 0052917199 WMRP Soldering Pencil (No Tip) Buy Now Sale $127.28
(Reg. $148.00)
Weller 0051317299 WMRT Micro Tweezers with RTW2 Tip Set Buy Now Sale $268.85
(Reg. $283.00)
Weller 0051317199 SMD Desoldering Tweezers Buy Now Sale $210.90
(Reg. $222.00)
Weller 0052917099 WSP150 150W/24V, Heavy Duty Soldering Pencil Buy Now $198.00
Weller 0052702899 WHP80 80W Preheating Plate for WD1, WD2, WD1M and WD2M Power Units Buy Now $474.00
Weller 0052916699 Integral Fume Extraction Iron, FE75 Buy Now Sale $148.75
(Reg. $175.00)
Weller 0052919399 WP120 Solder Pencil, 120W, 24V, For WD1000HPT Buy Now Sale $226.10
(Reg. $238.00)