Weller WXA2
Digital Hot Air Station & Power Supply

  • Temperature range: 100 °C - 450 °C (550 °C), 200 °F - 850 °F (999 °F)
  • Controllable temperature range is tool-dependent
  • Very high capacity and fast heating time
  • Compressed Air Connection: Compressed air hose outer diameter 6 mm (0, 24")
  • Using a tool up to 200W
  • Robust capacitive touch screen
  • Intuitive, turn-and-click enter key and guide fingers
  • 2 channels
  • Multilingual menu
  • Two connections that can be used to manage the units smoke extraction, warm plates and programmable logic controllers. (PLC)
  • Can operate with any WX series tool
  • Automatic recognition tools
  • USB port for firmware updates, configuration settings and journalistic systems
  • Intelligent tools, A / D converter and memory to handle tools
  • Auto power thanks to sensors in the handle tools
  • No calibration required
  • ESD safe
  • Different possibilities of equipotential bonding on the device
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Weller WXA2 Shown
Product Information
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The Weller WXA2 Hot Air Station control system offers the ultimate in temperature precision and performance. The standard power-sharing feature offers the flexibility to simultaneously operate any WX series tool, or combination of tools, up to 255 watts of total power output. The WX series station also acts as a “Benchtop Controller” to communicate with other Weller external devices such as the Weller WHP1000 / WHP3000 pre-heating plates or the Weller Zero Smog 4V / 6V series solder fume extraction units. An external compressed air supply requiring 58 to 87 PSI is needed to deliver the hot air for the WXA2 series stations.

Unlike traditional units that are continuously powered while in operation, the Weller WXA-2 includes a Standby Temperature mode, which monitors the use of your Weller soldering iron and automatically sets the tool and peripheral devices to a lower temperature. The Auto Off feature can also be used to allow the unit to go into a Sleep mode when not in use. These innovative features reduce energy consumption, increase the life of the heating element and nozzles, and improve overall safety for end users.

The WXA2 combined with the WXHAP200 is ideal for professional repair or rework on state-of-the-art electronic assemblies in the industrial manufacturing, repair and laboratory sectors. The Weller WXA 2 Hot Air Station system delivers unprecedented versatility, performance, power and peripheral management on one single platform solution.
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WXA2 Weller WXA2 Digital Hot Air Station and Power Supply, 255 W, 230 V, 2 Channels Buy  Now Sale $988.00
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