Weller WFE2P
Self-Contained 2 Operator Fume Extractor

  • Self-contained bench-top fume extraction unit
  • No external air source required
  • Capacity for up to two Weller® fume extraction irons / stations
  • Reduces harmful soldering emissions from the source
  • Extracts 99.99% of fumes before they can be released into environment
  • Efficient four-stage replaceable filter system
  • Silent running, maintenance-free pump for extended continuous service
  • Compact size uses minimal bench space and allows portability
  • For use with Weller FE series fume extraction soldering irons
  • UL and cUL listed, OSHA compliant
  • For fume extraction at the tip of the soldering iron
  • Operates with 120VAC
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The Weller WFE2P is a self-contained, bench top filtration unit reduces harmful soldering emissions from the source by extracting 99.99% of fumes before they can be released into the work environment. The Weller WFE-2P features a silent-running (<40db) rotary pump that eliminates the need for an external air source, and utilizes an efficient four-stage replaceable filter system. Its compact size uses minimal bench space and allows portability. The Weller WFE2P accommodates up to two Weller soldering irons that have been converted for fume extraction using fume extraction adapter kits. The Weller WFE2p operates on 120VAC, weighs 11 lbs., and is OSHA compliant.

A Weller fume extraction adapter kit provides all the necessary fittings and hoses to convert existing Weller soldering irons so they can be used with fume filtration Model WFE2P. Smoke extraction tube is mounted directly above the soldering iron’s tip to collect fumes as they are generated. Kit contains extraction tube, tube clip, hose, O-ring, and cord clip. The performance of retrofitted soldering irons is not affected.  
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0053623299 Weller WFE2P Condensation Filter 50 Rotary Vane Hot Air Station Buy Now Sale $925.30
(Reg. $974.00)
0052916799 Weller 0052916799 Fume Extraction Adapter, WSP80 Discontinued
0058735230 Weller 0058735230 Replacement Motor, 120V for WFE2P Discontinued
0058735237 Weller 0058735237 Replacement Capacitor, 8UF/400V for WFE2P Discontinued
0058735739 Weller 0058735739 Replacement Pump, Including Clutch, for WFE2P Buy Now Sale $339.47
(Reg. $380.00)
WFEP Weller 0058735742 Replacement Exhaust Silencer for WFE2P Discontinued
0058735761 Weller 0058735761 Spacer and Rubber Mounts for WFE2P Buy Now
0058735814 Weller 0058735814 Replacement Motor Cap for WFE2P, Discontinued
AKFE11 Weller AKFE11 Fume Extraction Adapter Kit for WP100PG, WP25, WP40, W60P, TC201T Irons Buy Now Sale $61.64
(Reg. $69.00)