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ESD-Safe Volume Fume Extraction Unit 120V, with Built-In Turbine & Pre-HEPA-Gas, Max 4 Ports/Stats

Brand: Weller
Model No: ZERO SMOG 4V
MPN: 0053660299
Our Model No: ZEROSMOG4V
Condition: NEW
Sale $2,174.60
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Product Features:

  • Volume Fume Extraction System with Built-In Turbine
  • Mobile fume extraction unit purifies air at up to 4 workplaces
  • Includes F7 fine dust pre-filter and compact filter with 50% H13 HEPA filter and 50% Chemabsorb
  • Adjustable pressure control optimizes air flow regulation for each work place
  • Noise dampened metal housing
  • Quick and simple installation
  • ESD Safe
  • Specifications
  • Maximum extraction rate 230 m3/h
  • Air Input/Output VARIABLE
  • Vacuum Pressure 2700 Pa
  • Voltage Input 120V
  • Sound Level 51 db(A)

The Weller ZEROSMOG4V 0053660299 is a 120V, ESD Vol Fume Extraction Unit with a Built-In Turbine and Pre-HEPA-Gas, Max 4 Ports/Stats, that purifies air at up to 4 workplaces. The ZEROSMOG4V features a maximum extraction rate 230 m3/h, quick and simple installation, noise dampened metal housing, adjustable pressure control that optimizes air flow regulation for each work place, and includes F7 fine dust pre-filter and compact filter with 50% H13 HEPA filter and 50% Chemabsorb.

  • 1 - 58735837 Fine Dust Filter, Pack of 10
  • 1 - 58735838 Compact HEPA Gas Filter
  • 1 - Users Manual
Model Description Buy Now Price
M5 Weller M5 (T0058735937) Fine Dust Filter 2S/ZS4V for WFE2S & Zero-Smog (WFE4V Series), 10 per Pack Add to Cart
Sale $42.26
0058735938 Weller 0058735938 F7 Fine Dust Filter for WFE2S/WFEZS4V Fume Extractors (WFE4V series), 10 per Pack Add to Cart
Sale $63.68
0058735895 Weller 0058735895 Adhesives Fume Filter for the WFE2S/WFE2ES/WFEZS4V Fume Extractor Systems Add to Cart
Sale $461.56
0053657699 Weller 0053657699 60mm Extraction Hose for WFE2S and WFE2ES (3m long) Not Available


WF32 Weller WF32 (T0053658099) ESD-Safe Microscope Extraction Arm with Flat Nozzle End, 32 to 60mm Add to Cart
Sale $115.52
0058762750 Weller 0058762750 Adapter for 60mm to 50mm WFE Systems Not Available


0058762755 Weller 0058762755 WFE Twin Connecting Plug for 60mm Hoses, WFE4V-series Not Available


0058762767 Weller 0058762767 60mm Easy-Click Straight Intake Connector for the WFE System Fume Extraction Hose Add to Cart
Sale $33.98
0058762766 Weller 0058762766 60mm T-piece with 2 Connecting Plugs (2 Male, 1 Female) Add to Cart
Sale $65.44
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