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Weller WHA3000P

Digital Hot Air Station 120VAC, 700W, 122 to 1022°F with Built-In Turbine

Brand: Weller
Model No: WHA3000P
Our Model No: WHA3000P
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • Self-contained benchtop unit features powerful internal air source for maximum portability
  • Suitable for demanding repair tasks involving complex fine pitch surface mounted components
  • 700 watts of power allow work on larger dual in-line and quadpack components
  • Set and read temperatures are digitally displayed on bright, clear LCD
  • Temperature and air flow are independently controlled
  • Controlled output maintains set temperature regardless of air flow setting
  • Memory stores up to 10 thermal profiles to ensure process repeatability
  • Special ionizing circuit assures hot air is static-free to protect sensitive components
  • Compatible with optional Type K thermocouple to measure temperature on specific areas of PCBs
  • Foot switch includes three positions: Off, Hot Air, Vacuum
  • Hot air iron features vacuum pickup for easy component removal


  • Power Consumption: 700W
  • Input Voltage: 230 V
  • Output Voltage: 120 V
  • Temperature Range: 122°F to 1022°F (50°C to 550°C)
  • Temperature Accuracy: +/- 86°F (+/- 30°C)
  • Pump Type: Rotary Vane
  • Vacuum Pressure: - 0.6 Bar
  • Air Flow Volume: 5 to 50 l/min.
  • Dimensions: 9.5 x 10.6 x 6.7 in. (240 x 270 x 170 mm)
  • ESD Safe

The Weller WHA3000P Digital Hot Air Station with Built-In Turbine is suitable for difficult repairs on circuit boards with fine pitch surface mounted components. A thorough design concept combines maximum process safety with ease of use and technically advanced application solutions. A comprehensive range of accessories adds to the possible uses of this repair workstation.

The hot air temperature at the hand-piece can be adjusted over the range of 50°C to 550°C (122°F to 1022°F). The air flow rate is generated via an internal turbine and can be adjusted between the range of 5 l/min to 50 l/min. Hot air temperature and air flow rate are digitally controlled.

The vacuum necessary for lifting the component is integrated into the nozzle system and can be activated to suit the operating mode chosen. Two operating modes are provided:

1) The Manual operating mode can be used for manual work at the hot air temperature and air flow rate set. Hot air and vacuum can be activated using the foot switch, manual remote control console or directly on the control Panel.

2) The Automatic operating mode establishes a program with a 3-step time/temperature profile, and can be used in conjunction with the WHP3000 Pre-Heat Plate available as an accessory.

The parameters for hot air temperature, air flow rate, temperature of the optional WHP3000 Pre-Heat Plate and vacuum function can be adjusted separately and can be saved as a Rework Profile for the specific application.

The repair station can also be complemented with the optional matched WBH3000S Circuit Board Holder for X-Y alignment and a stand with Z-axis guide for the hot air hand-piece.

  • 1 - WHA3000P Hot Air Station with Built-in Turbine
  • 1 - HAP3 Hot Air Iron
  • 1 - Foot Switch
  • 1 - NQ30 Hot Air Nozzle
  • 1 - AKT30 Safety Stand
  • 1 - Nozzle Removal Tool
  • 1 - Coded Plug
  • 1 - Main Power Cord, 120VAC
  • 1 - Product CD-Rom (Operating Instructions including WHA Control Software)
Thermocouples & Nozzles
Model Description Buy Now Price
0058755782 Weller 0058755782 Type K Thermocouple with plug 0.10mm, -328°F to 2282°F, for WHA300 Hot Air Station Add to Cart


0053119099 Weller 0053119099 0.5mm Type K Temperature Sensor Thermocouple for the WCB2 Calibrator Add to Cart
Sale $110.88
Benchtop Accessories
Model Description Buy Now Price
WBHS Weller WBHS (T0053316599N) PCB Holder with Hot Air Tool Holder, for HAP3/WHA3000P Add to Cart
Sale $1,755.23
WBH Weller WBH (T0053316499N) PCB Holder without Tripod Tool Holder, for HAP3/WHA3000P Add to Cart
Sale $1,009.13
0051504999 Weller 0051504999 Nozzle Exchange Tool for the WHA2000 Hot Air Station Add to Cart
Sale $37.86
6UP Weller 0051504899 6UP Support for up to 6 Hot Air Nozzles for the WHA2000 Add to Cart
Sale $81.82
WHP3000 Weller WHP3000 (T0053338699N) Digital Preheating Plate 120V, 600W, 150 to 750°F Add to Cart
Sale $868.52
Replacement Parts
Model Description Buy Now Price
NQ30 Weller NQ30 (T0058750721N) 4-Sided Hot Gas Nozzle, 17.5 x 23.5mm, for HAP2/HAP3 Hot Air Irons Add to Cart


Weller WHA3000 Digital 700W Hot Air Rework Station with Built-In Turbine
Weller WHA3000 Digital 700W Hot Air Rework Station
with Built-In Turbine
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