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Vitrek PA900

Precision Multi-Channel Power Analyzer Mainframe - 4 Channel Capacity

Brand: Vitrek
Model No: PA900
Our Model No: PA900
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • Most advanced Power Measurement Platform with an unprecedented range of capabilites
  • Highest Precision with Industry leading noise floor – as low as 1ppm vs 300ppm or more on competitive units
  • Up to 500 Harmonics at 400Hz, meets Airbus avionics harmonics measurement criteria
  • Bar graph features fingertip selectable numeric amplitude and phase data
  • Large, Hi-Resolution Color Display shows all the data you want with an easy-to-use touchscreen user interface
  • Modular design lets you choose the type and number of Power Measurement Channel Cards for your PA900
  • The S Card provides 0.1% basic Accuracy with 1 MHz class bandwidth for an extremely economical price
  • The A Card offers world class 0.03% Accuracy with 1MHz class bandwidth at a very reasonable cost
  • The W Card delivers 5 MHZ class bandwidth and a 0.1% basic accuracy
  • All Channel Cards are available with one of 3 Current inputs: Dual Shunt, High Current and External Current Transducer Input
  • Built-in Data Logger – Logs up to 16 selectable data results to USB thumbdrive. Intervals from 10mS to 100 hours with optional time/date stamps
  • Up to 3 Different Virtual Power Analyzers may be configured for three phase measurements or input/output efficiency tests
  • CE mark certified to EN61010
  • 2 Year Parts & Labor Warranty, 2 Year Accuracy Specs and calibration cycle
  • Made in the USA

The Vitrek PA900 Precision Harmonic Power Analyzer, a refreshingly easy to use high performance power analyzer that won’t break your budget. The PA900 delivers multi-channel, highaccuracy, wideband performance - required by engineering professionals to tackle the toughest energy measurement applications. Vitrek’s Power Touch™ user interface with built-in Virtual Power Analyzers (VPAs) and user customized power results screen makes it simple to do even the most complex precision measurements. Trust Vitrek to deliver best-in-class power measurement at a price that is surprisingly affordable.

Modular Design means Flexibility

The PA900 uses a modular design approach to provide the level of performance you need at a price that is easy on your wallet. You can choose from 1 to 4 channels of power measurement in one of 3 different power modules – depending on your need for high precision, wideband performance or computational capability. As a result, you get the performance you need without paying extra for things that you don’t need.

The S type power module provides economical high performance power measurement with a basic 0.1% accuracy and bandwidth to 1 MHz. The A type ultra-precision module offers a basic 0.025% accuracy with 1 MHz bandwidth, while the E type module offers the same high accuracy performance as the A type, plus the added convenience of built-in EN61000 compliance measurements. For the ultimate in wideband capability the W type power module provides precision power measurement at bandwidths approaching 5MHz.

To provide an even greater level of measurement flexibility, each of the 4 types of power modules can be fitted with one of 3 different current input cards. The D current input card offers dual shunts with measurement capability from 100uA up to 20A rms. The H current input card offers direct high current measurement up to 30A rms. While the X current input card allows for a wide range of current scaling devises, such as external CT’s, current transducers and shunts.

Higher Performance Lower Cost

As more focus is being placed on innovative energy delivery systems and higher efficiency energy consumption devices – the need for accurate and precise power measurement has never been greater. The PA900 High Performance Power Analyzer shatters price/performance barriers – providing true, precision energy consumption and efficiency measurement at a fraction of the cost of other power measurement equipment. Compare the performance and capabilities of the Vitrek PA900 to power analyzers costing twice as much – feature for feature the PA900 outperforms competitive units.

Large Hi-Resolution Touch Screen

Vitrek’s Power Touch™ user interface means a much faster learning curve, with no fumbling for cursors or searching through rows of control buttons. Everything you need is on the screen, so you’ll be making precise power measurements while the other guys are still pressing buttons and scratching their heads. And with the large 7” screen you can view power, voltage and current waveforms, multi-phase voltage and current vectors, data logging results and harmonics bar charts - all in beautiful color at the touch of a fingertip.

Efficiency and Asynchronous Measurement

The PA900 features built-in Virtual Power Analyzers™ (VPAs) which gives you the unique capability to do multi-channel asynchronous measurements with one instrument. For example, in solar power conversion testing - the PA900 can do 3 stage efficiency measurements “In–Middle-Out” with a single analyzer. No other power analyzer has this capability without resorting to interconnecting multiple units. Vitrek’s VPA asynchronous measurement technology simplifies other applications, such as lamp ballast efficiency measurement – which is accomplished with just one analyzer, saving you both time and money.

Highest Crest Factor, Faster Readings

Peak loads and turn-on surges can produce enormous crest factors, with Vitrek’s Dyna-Range technology the PA900 is fully specified for crest factors up to 30:1. Typical power analyzers can have up to 9 ranges which actually defeats the ability to measure a high crest factor waveforms. When it comes to capturing dynamic waveforms, time is of the essence. That is why the PA900 provides up to 100 measurements per second and it does so with full precision – unlike the others which top out at a maximum rate of 50 readings per second and come with a significant reduction in accuracy.

Truly Custom Results Screens

Out of the box, the PA900 offers a wide variety of measurement results screens. However, with our free screen maker application it is easier than ever to set up a totally customized results screen. Pick the data you want displayed, add your own words - in any font size or color and display up to 57 measurements on a single screen. Down load as many custom screens as you like and select just the right one with a tap on the screen.

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SD Vitrek SD Standard Dual Current Channel Card for PA900 Add to Cart


SH Vitrek SH Standard High Current Channel Card for PA900 Add to Cart


SX Vitrek SX Standard External Current Channel Card for PA900 Add to Cart


AD Vitrek AD Hi Accuracy Dual Shunt Channel Card for PA900 Add to Cart


AH Vitrek AH Hi Accuracy High Current Channel Card for PA900 Add to Cart


AX Vitrek AX Hi Accuracy External Current Channel Card for PA900 Add to Cart


WD Vitrek WD Wideband Dual Current Channel Card for PA900 Add to Cart


WH Vitrek WH Wideband High Current Channel Card for PA900 Add to Cart


WX Vitrek WX Wideband External Current Channel Card for PA900 Add to Cart


MT Vitrek MT Motor Transducer Channel Card for PA900 Add to Cart


H500 Vitrek H500 Increases Capability up to 500 Harmonics for PA900 Add to Cart


EN Vitrek EN Adds Built-in EN61000 Compliance Computations for PA900 Add to Cart


GP-900 Vitrek GP-900 GPIB Interface in lieu of Std Ethernet, Serial and USB for PA900 Add to Cart


ISO-CALN-C1 Vitrek ISO-CALN-C1 Channel Card ISO 17025 Calibration with Data (with purchase) for PA900 Add to Cart


HC-7X Vitrek HC-7X Hard Carrying/Shipping Case with Die Cut Foam for PA900 Add to Cart


RM-7 Vitrek RM-7 Rackmount Kit for the V7X Series Add to Cart


USB-1 Vitrek USB-1 USB A to B Cable, 6ft (95X/4700 to printer or V7X/PA900 to PC) for 95X and V7X Series Add to Cart


RS-2 Vitrek RS-2 Serial Cable Add to Cart


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