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Viavi 2127/04

OMK-36P Enterprise Plus SM/MM SmartPocket Test Kit w/ adapters and USB Option

Brand: Viavi
Model No: 2127/04
Our Model No: 212704
Condition: NEW
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  • Optical power level and link Insertion loss measurements for: Access and Metro (LAN/WAN) networks with multimode and singlemode testing combinations
  • Continuity checking and tone detection
  • Essential fiber test sets Enterprise and Service Provider applications
  • Certify standard, high dynamic and high power applications
  • Auto-wavelength and TWINTest features test time efficiency and error-free testing
  • Permanent reference level storage
  • Fast result download and report generation with OFS-355 certification software
  • Kit Includes: 1 K 807; USB Cable USB-A to Micro-USB, 2127/90.01; MT-2P Soft Bag 2X SmarTPocket HH+Accessories, 2302/90.03; Neck Strap, 2302/90.01; SNT-505 Universal AC Power Adapter Micro USB Connector, 2302/98.24; Electronic Tool Kit Smart Pocket USB-Sti

Viavi OMK-36P SmartPocket Multimode/Singlemode Optical Test Kits are the new generation of pocket-sized and rugged instruments to install and maintain fiber optic networks. The Viavi OMK-36P is the all purpose quad-wavelength optical test kit with a dual-port multimode/singlemode light source and a power meter with a UPP interface all singlemode and multimode power and loss measurements. Lightweight, shock resistant splash proof design and an extended operating time of up to 200h makes the Viavi OMK-36 test kits an ideal solution field use. All instruments provide a 3-way powering capability with dry, rechargeable batteries or AC power supplier, maximum flexibility. Auto-? is a special feature developed by Viavi allowing identifying wavelengths automatically and avoiding any manipulation errors due to incorrect settings. In TWINTest mode the source automatically toggles between two wavelengths. The far end optical power meter automatically measures both wavelengths. All Viavi SmartPocket optical power meters provide result storage capability with straightforward download via micro-USB to the OFS-355 certification software. This software offers PDF or Excel report generation with pass/fail analysis against customized or industry standard thresholds such as TIA.

Datasheet: PDF Document Icon(191 KB)
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