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JDSU 2287/21

ORL-55 SmartClass Optical Return Loss Meter, -70 to +6 dBm, 1310/1550 nm, APC

Status: Not Available
Brand: JDSU
Model No: 2287/21
Our Model No: 228721
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • High-precision ORL testing at 2 wavelengths (Singlemode 1310, 1550 nm)
  • Three instruments in one: return loss meter/power meter/laser source
  • TRIPLEtest function simultaneous measurements at three wavelengths in real time
  • Auto-zeroing function (patent pending) increased measurement accuracy
  • Internal data storage and PC software enables efficient documentation and accurate reporting
  • Built-in real-time clock
  • Visual fault locator option at 635 nm
    • Economical option fiber tracing, routing, and continuity checking
    • Universal push-pull adapter 2.5 mm (1.25 mm adapter optional)
  • Host USB data storage option
    • Unlimited result storage capacity via USB memory sticks
    • Easy and quick data transfer of stored measurement results

The JDSU ORL-55 Smart Optical Return Loss Meter is a high-performance, easy-to-use instrument field, laboratory, and production use. It combines three different functions in one field-optimized instrument, including an optical return loss meter, an optical power meter, and a triple-wavelength laser source.

Three lasers with built-in optical isolators are combined to the angled optical output (APC), providing easy return loss measurements without the need of external normalization. High-precision fiber couplers and an auto-zeroing function (patent pending) guarantee outstanding measurement accuracy.

JDSU's TRIPLEtest function enables measurements at three wavelengths simultaneous-ly by using sophisticated digital signal processing. The results all three wavelengths are shown simultaneously on a large illuminated graphical display. This unique functionality reduces test times by up to 70% and avoids inaccurate measurements from incorrect instrument settings.

Internal data storage of up to 1000 results, including information about date and time of the measurements, in conjunction with JDSU's complementary Optical Fiber Assistant Software (OFS-355), provide easy documentation and test report generation.

  • 1 2150/00.xx Optical Adapter (Must be chosen at time of purchase)
  • 1 2277/90.02 MT-1S Belt Bag
  • 4 2237/90.02 NiMH cells, Mignon/AA, 1.2 V
  • 1 Operating Manual, English
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2150/00.32 Viavi 2150/00.32 Fiber Optic Test Universal Adapter, ST-Type Add to Cart


2150/00.58 Viavi 2150/00.58 Fiber Optic Test Universal Adapter, SC-PC/APC -Type Add to Cart


2150/00.51 Viavi 2150/00.51 Fiber Optic Test Universal Adapter, FC-PC, FC-APC -Type Add to Cart


2150/00.50 Viavi 2150/00.50 Fiber Optic Test Universal Adapters, DIN 47256 type Add to Cart


2150/00.59 JDSU 2150/00.59 Fiber Optic Test Universal Adapter, LC-Type Discontinued
2229/90.21 Viavi 2229/90.21 OCK-10 Optical Connector Cleaning Kit Add to Cart


2229/90.07 Viavi 2229/90.07 Optical Connector Cleaning Tape Add to Cart
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2229/90.08 Viavi 2229/90.08 Spare clean tape for 2229/90.07 Add to Cart


2237/90.02 Viavi 2237/90.02 1.2V, 2.7 mAh, NiMH Rechargeable Battery, Mignon/AA-Size Add to Cart
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2277/90.01 JSDU 2277/90.01 SNT-121A Worldwide compatable AC adapter Add to Cart


2126/03 Viavi 2126/03 MT-2S Soft Carrying Bag 2 SmartClass Handhelds Add to Cart


2252/90.10 Viavi 2252/90.10 VFL Option Add to Cart
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