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JDSU 2286/02

OLT-55 SmartClass Optical Loss Test Set, -70 to +20 dBm, SM 1310/1490/1550 nm, GE

Status: Discontinued
Replaced By: 232501
Brand: JDSU
Model No: 2286/02
Our Model No: 228602
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • 1310/1490/1550 nm
  • -70 to +20 dBm
  • Germanium Diode
  • Auto-zeroing function provides outstanding accuracy even high loss measurements with no manual zeroing necessary.
  • Auto-λ function with TWINtest and TRIPLEtest provides automatic wavelength detection to speed up testing. Up to three different wavelengths are measured and displayed simultaneously.
  • Reflection trap at the power meter's input reduces multiple reflections between adapter and photo diode, allowing increased accuracy (adapter BN 2014/00.xx)
  • Laser source with output level adjustment to ensure correct power individual applications
  • Client USB interface easy remote control and report generation.
  • Visual fault locator option at 635 nm
    • Economical option fiber tracing, routing, and continuity checking
    • Universal push-pull adapter 2.5 mm (1.25 mm adapter optional)
  • Host USB data storage option
    • Unlimited result storage capacity via USB memory sticks
    • Easy and quick data transfer of stored measurement results

JDSU Smart optical handhelds help your network move to the next level of performance. JDSU's SMART optical handhelds encompass a new, intelligent, and next level product line testing all optical signals and systems, including broadband, PONs, and Gigabit Ethernet.

All of JDSU's SMART optical handhelds provide:

  • An extended number of calibration wavelengths the highest performance range in the industry.
  • The SMARTStar graphical user interface fast, easy, and straightforward operation.
  • The SMARTEnergy power supply management system.
  • The SMARTBag safe and hands-free operation and transport.
  • A USB port remote operation as well as easy Microsoft Excel-based report generation and analysis.
  • Traceable measurements to international standards confidence in accuracy.
  • A robust, shock-proof, and splash-proof design field operation.
  • Quick start operation, requiring no warm-up time and reducing testing time.

The JDSU OLT-55 SMART Optical Loss Test Set is a high-performance, easy-to-use instrument with a two or three wavelength laser source in combination with a power meter. It is a universal instrument singlemode fibers and systems lab, manufacturing (USB interface), installation, maintenance and troubleshooting. Loss can be measured simultaneously at up to three wavelengths (Triple test). Quick Referencing all built-in wavelengths can be effected independent of the current measurement mode. Just connect source and power meter with a fiber patch cord.

  • 1 2014/00.xx Optical Adapter (Must be chosen at time of purchase)
  • 1 2150/00.xx Optical Adapter (Must be chosen at time of purchase)
  • 1 2277/90.02 MT-1S Belt Bag
  • 4 2237/90.02 NiMH cells, Mignon/AA, 1.2 V
  • 1 Operating Manual, English
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2014/00.21 Viavi 2014/00.21 2.5mm Universal Push/Pull Test Adapter, ST Type Add to Cart


2014/00.24 Viavi 2014/00.24 2.5mm Universal Push/Pull Test Adapter, SC Type Add to Cart


2014/00.09 Viavi 2014/00.09 2.5mm Universal Push/Pull Test Adapter, FC Type Add to Cart


2014/00.17 Viavi 2014/00.17 2.5mm Universal Push/Pull Test Adapter, DIN 47256 Type Add to Cart


2014/00.26 Viavi 2014/00.26 2.5mm Universal Push/Pull Test Adapter, E-2000 Type Add to Cart


2014/00.31 Viavi 2014/00.31 2.5mm Universal Push/Pull Test Adapter, DIN, FC,SC, ST, and MST Type Add to Cart
Sale $95.76
2014/00.28 Viavi 2014/00.28 1.25 mm Universal Push/Pull Adapter LC, MU Add to Cart


2150/00.32 Viavi 2150/00.32 Fiber Optic Test Universal Adapter, ST-Type Add to Cart


2150/00.58 Viavi 2150/00.58 Fiber Optic Test Universal Adapter, SC-PC/APC -Type Add to Cart


2150/00.51 Viavi 2150/00.51 Fiber Optic Test Universal Adapter, FC-PC, FC-APC -Type Add to Cart


2150/00.50 Viavi 2150/00.50 Fiber Optic Test Universal Adapters, DIN 47256 type Add to Cart


2150/00.59 JDSU 2150/00.59 Fiber Optic Test Universal Adapter, LC-Type Discontinued
2229/90.21 Viavi 2229/90.21 OCK-10 Optical Connector Cleaning Kit Add to Cart


2229/90.07 Viavi 2229/90.07 Optical Connector Cleaning Tape Add to Cart
Sale $226.10
2229/90.08 Viavi 2229/90.08 Spare clean tape for 2229/90.07 Add to Cart


2237/90.02 Viavi 2237/90.02 1.2V, 2.7 mAh, NiMH Rechargeable Battery, Mignon/AA-Size Add to Cart
Sale $5.70
2277/90.01 JSDU 2277/90.01 SNT-121A Worldwide compatable AC adapter Add to Cart


2126/03 Viavi 2126/03 MT-2S Soft Carrying Bag 2 SmartClass Handhelds Add to Cart


Data Sheet: PDF Document Icon (2.1 MB)
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