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Viavi FIT-SD113

Inspection & Test Kit, FBP-P5000i Probe and MP-80 w/Software, Tips, and UPP Adapters

Brand: Viavi
Model No: FIT-SD113
Our Model No: FITSD113
Condition: NEW


  • Connects via USB with multiple devices including Viavi tools, laptops/PCs, and Android mobile devices
  • Repeatable pass/fail analysis eliminates subjective guesswork from the measurement process
  • User-selectable acceptance profiles allow certification to any acceptance criteria
  • Includes FiberChekPRO™ software analysis and reporting with laptops/PCs
  • Automatic image centering ensures the fiber always appears in the center of the screen
  • Detailed report generation to certify and document results
  • Dual magnification (200X and 400X) functionality provides high-level and detailed inspection and analysis
  • Magnification toggle button allows easy switching in both live and analysis views
  • Accepts FBPT series tips comprehensive support all connector types used in today’s network

The FIT-SD113 is the perfect solution inspection of fiber optic interconnects which is essential the optimal performance and longevity of fiber optic connectivity. Throughout their lives, fiber connectors must be inspected, analyzed and cleaned to maintain an acceptable level of functionality. By developing and introducing the the Viavi FITSD113 to inspect, analyze and clean fiber connectors, Viavi is able to provide a comprehensive solution the performance and preservation of fiber optic interconnects.

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