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Fiber Inspection & Test System Kit, 200/400x Probe w/HP3-80-P4 & Cleaning Materials

Status: Not Available
Brand: JDSU
Model No: FIT-S115-C
Our Model No: FITS115C
Condition: NEW

Product Features:

  • Inspect both sides of fiber interconnect, and accurately test and measure optical power with one device
  • Integrated functions and features eliminate switching between multiple devices
  • Input FBP series probe microscope and a dedicated patch cord microscope lets users quickly and easily inspect both sides of fiber interconnects
  • Integrated power meter all single-mode and multimode applications, such as LAN, TELECOM, CATV, and DWDM testing
  • 3.5 inch (HP2) and 2.0 inch LCD (HP3) to view clear, crisp, detailed images of fiber end faces with optimal resolution
  • Modulation frequency detection lets users identify individual fibers
  • Three-year calibration period
  • GripSwitch mode activates the display when held in-hand and deactivates it when released, extending battery life (HP2)
  • TWINtest and Auto-λ (with Viavi optical light source)
  • Cleaning Supplies Included

The Viavi FIT-S115-C inspection and test systems combine fiber inspection and optical power measurement with cleaning supplies into a single seamless handheld device. The result is a significant increase in workflow efficiency and a decrease in total inspection and test time.

The FITS115C system, derived from the popular HD3 series, provides high-quality image resolution in a compact, portable design. The integrated power meter offers quick, easy, and convenient field measurement of optical power and attenuation. Easy pushbutton operation makes the FIT-S115-C simple and straightforward, while the inspect-test process establishes optimal workflow practices.

Viavi offers a wide selection of precision FMAE adapters optimized easy and accurate inspection of various connector types and applications. To inspect the patch cord, simply insert the connector into the FMAE adapter and focus the image on the display.

  • 1 21142881; FBP-P5 Probe Microscope Assembly 200/400x 4-Pin
  • 1 FBPP-BAP1; Barrel Assembly Probe Standard Configuration
  • 1 FBPT-LC; Tip LC Bulkhead FBP
  • 1 FBPT-SC; Tip SC Bulkhead FBP
  • 1 FMAE-U12; Adapter Universal 1.25 mm Female Threaded
  • 1 FMAE-U25; Adapter Universal 2.5 mm Female Threaded
  • 6 ZP-EC-00364; Alkaline AA Battery 1.5V
  • 1 ZP-EC-00741; Power Supply 12MM 12V/2A 24W 12/5.5/2.1MM C+
  • 1 ZP-EC-00967; Standard US Plug
  • 1 ZP-EC-00968; Standard UK Plug
  • 1 ZP-EC-00969; Standard EU Plug
  • 1 ZP-EC-00970; Standard AU Plug
  • 1 ZP-FCL-0273; IBC Cleaning Tool 1.25 mm
  • 1 ZP-FCL-0275; IBC Cleaning Tool 2.5 mm
  • 2 ZP-FCL-0276; Cleaning Wipes in Bag
  • 1 ZP-FIT-9024; HP3 Boot And Neck Strap Assembly
  • 1 ZP-FIT-9048-01; HP3 Battery Tray Alkaline AA
  • 1 ZP-FIT-9050-04; FIT-HP3-80-P4 Assembly With 400x Patch Cord Microscope High Power OPM
  • 1 ZP-HW-00544; Cleaning Solvent Canister
  • 1 ZP-PKG-0510; Quick Start Guide ICT
  • 1 ZP-PKG-0511; Small Shoulder Bag Carrying Case For FIT Probe
  • 1 ZP-PKG-0530; User Manual FIT-HP3 Series
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