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Viavi HST-PKG7

HST-3000 Network Services Testers Package for T1 and T3

Brand: Viavi
Model No: HST-PKG7
Our Model No: HSTPKG7
Condition: NEW
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  • 3.8" diagonal, 1/4 VGA, Color Active Matrix display.
  • Simplified user interface to facilitate ease-of-use and minimize technicians learning curve.
  • Handheld, rugged and portable. Lightweight (1.3kg/2.7lb). Weather resistant. Ideal field use.
  • Battery operated (up to 10 hours). Swappable battery pack.
  • RS-232, USB and Ethernet connectivity.
  • PC replacement including file transfer, 8MB of storage, VT100 emulation, printing and web browser.
  • Built-in microphone and speaker. Headset connection.
  • Kit Includes Options: HST3000-PCMSIG; Signaling PCM Software Option for HST3000, HST3000-PCMTIMS; TIMS PCM Software Option, HST3000-PS; Pulse Shape Software Option, VT100-OPTION; VT100 EMULATION Option, HST3000-T3; T1 T3 SIM Module

The HST-3000 provides the best any access network tester has to offer. Built on a strong and proven reputation test accuracy, the HST-3000 can help you find real problems up to 30 percent faster. The HST-3000 starts with unsurpassed copper qualification and fault-finding tools and adds fiber inspection, single and bonded pair ADSL2+/VDSL2, Gigabit Ethernet, IPTV, Microsoft TV and VoIP testing to help round out full triple play testing strategy. It also supports legacy T1, DS3, ISDN PRI/BRI, and other interfaces via field-swappable modules and optional software.

  • 1 - HST-000-346-01; Large Carrying Case for HST and OneExpert
  • 1 - HST3000-PCMSIG; Signaling PCM Software Option for HST3000
  • 1 - HST-000-609-01; Printed HST-3000 T3 User's Guide
  • 1 - HST-000-585-01; Printed HST-3000 T1 User's Guide
  • 1 - 40-014919; FG DS3 Cable Kit for DS3 Testing
  • 1 - HST-000-579-01; Printed HST-3000 Base User's Guide
  • 1 - 40-014917; FG DS1 Cable Kit for DS1 Testing
  • 1 - HST3000-PCMTIMS; TIMS PCM Software Option for HST-3000
  • 1 - HST3000-PS; Pulse Shape Software Option for the HST-3000
  • 1 - 40-15473-01; Power Cord North America C13 2.0M
  • 1 - 21103806; DSAM EZ Charge Battery Interface Cable
  • 1 - VT100 OPTION; VT100 Emulation Module
  • 1 - HST-000-338-01; Tether Adapter Cable
  • 1 - 15-018427; Conn Adapter NULL Modem DB9
  • 1 - 21147477-002; HST-3000 Mainframe Optrex LCD
  • 1 - HST-000-080-101; T1 T3 SIM for HST-3000
Datasheet: PDF Document Icon(899 KB)
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