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Viavi SCTPC-V-P1

SmartClass Triple Play Service Tester, VDSL Gold Package; ADSL2+/VDSL2 & Copper Main

Brand: Viavi
Model No: SCTPC-V-P1
Our Model No: SCTPCVP1
Condition: NEW
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  • Tests ADSL2+/VDSL2 (annex A and B) including bonded and vectored pairs, broadband services (data, VoIP, and IP video), copper, POTS, fiber, WiFi, and coax/HPNA
  • Web browser
  • Supports WiFi
  • OneCheck automates all ADSL2+/VDSL2, data, VoIP, and IP video tests and reports all key quality metrics
  • CableCheck verifies copper-pair health with balance testing and ground checks
  • Mobile App iPhone/iPad (iOS app) and Android phones/tablets (Android app) provides remote control, job management, and technical support content, including tutorials
  • StrataSync™ cloud-enabled architecture provides easy asset and test data management

The Viavi SCTPC-V-P1 is a all-in-one tool can test copper, fiber, asymmetrical, and very high-speed digital subscriber lines (ADSL2+/VDSL2 annex A and B, bonding, vectoring), and WiFi networks, internet protocol (IP) data, voice over IP (VoIP), and IP video with straightforward pass/fail results and detailed analyses of physical and application-layer-related problems.

To ensure that installation and repair jobs have been completed successfully, the SmartClass TPS verifies the access copper loop's physical health, digital subscriber line (DSL) performance, QoS/QoE of triple-play services, and home distribution networks. In addition, the CableCheck and OneCheck automated test suites improve technician efficiency by simplifying test configurations and results, cutting test times by more than half. The iOS® and Android™ mobile apps expand this efficiency, enabling mobile integration. Overall, with SmartClass TPS, operators and service providers can locate and repair faults more quickly to confidently guarantee service quality.


A common DSL sync test is performed with every dispatch because it is essential to helping field technicians understand DSL link quality (bandwidth rates, margins, errors, and likelihood errors). This same test also helps determine whether issues are coming from the equipment (CPE or DSLAM ports) or from the profile settings.

SmartClass TPS supports ADSL/2/2+ Annex A and Annex B, and VDSL2 on single-line (up to 30a). It also supports DSL physical layer retransmission (G.INP).


The SmartClass TPS provides an automatic one-button CableCheck function with pass/fail results important copper test parameters, even in environments that produce a high level of noise and interference. The CableCheck test sequence lets users secure accurate test results and identify obvious copper faults, such as misconnections or copper loops that are too long, with minimal training.


The use of wireless devices and wireless networks is becoming a common part of every household. With the addition of WiFi in the SmartClass TPS, technicians are equipped with wireless 802.11b/g/n (2.4 GHz) testing capability to show the signal strength, secure set identification (SSID), configured channel, security, MAC address, and 802.11 protocol at the test location of each wireless 802.11b/g/n network in the area. It also indicates whether a network is secure or vulnerable to security threats. This capability lets technicians properly set up the subscriber’s network to find optimal wireless router placement and troubleshoot wireless connectivity or issues with web surfing speed.Mobile Device Application

The SC TPS mobile device application is available iOS and Android devices and enables quicker, more efficient testing with immediate access to technical support information. Now, the SmartClass TPS can remain plugged into one location in the house while technicians move easily and quickly to remote locations simply using the app via a wireless connection back to the SmartClass TPS tester. The app also lets technicians see all test results screens from SmartID measurements on one screen, saving time and eliminating the need to switch test results, as well easily managing job files and exporting completed jobs to a server.

Navigating the SmartClass TPS

The SmartClass TPS adopts a new navigation concept with a user interface that offers a wide range of personalization features, letting users customize it based on job task and preferences. They can increase or decrease the font size, move menu items up or down, hide or highlight specific menu selections, and change language options.

With remote operation included, training users becomes easy and also provides additional value when coaching users remotely or performing onsite troubleshooting.

Instrument Handling

The SmartClass TPS makes transferring results and test configuration files easy using a USB memory device or directly accessing the file manager on the test instrument through the embedded FTP server, or via the integrated Viavi StrataSync capabilities. Result files are available in .pdf, .csv, and .html file formats.

Technicians can also easily add new features and functions to units while in the field using StrataSync, a USB, or FTP.


Field operations must maintain the latest firmware and software on their assets and then find solutions to more easily add new functionalities once they are deployed in the field. At the same time, they face challenges implementing best practices specific configurations or regional automated tests on a wider scale. Also, most field test results gathered after spending valuable time on a customer line are lost and cannot be reused. Manual operation limits the reach of good ideas—but StrataSync fixes these issues and expands SmartClass TPS benefits.

StrataSync is a hosted, cloud-based solution that manages assets, configurations, and test data Viavi instruments to ensure they are all equipped with the latest software and installed options. It manages inventory, test results, and performance data from anywhere with browser-based ease improving both technician and instrument efficiency. StrataSync manages and tracks test instruments and collects data from the entire network that can be leveraged results analysis, and informs and trains the workforce.

Datasheet: PDF Document Icon(3.1 MB)
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