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Versatile Power Bench 20-30

Programmable DC Power Supply, 20V/30A/600W, with Analog & USB Interfaces

Brand: Versatile Power
Model No: Bench 20-30
MPN: 55-000012-02
Our Model No: BENCH2030
Condition: NEW
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Bench 20-30


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Product Features:

  • 20V
  • 30A
  • 600W
  • Lowest Price Per Watt
  • 75% Smaller than Leading Competitor
  • High Voltage Output – Up to 400 V
  • Full Digital Control – Fastest and Most Accurate Available
  • SCPI Compliant USB with LabVIEW Driver and Analog Control Ports
  • Digital Encoders for Excellent Reliability and Accuracy
  • Integral Digital Remote Sense (no additional wires required)
  • Low Ripple and Noise Output
  • CE, UL and CSA Compliant to IEC 60950 Ed 3
  • Optional 1U Rack-Mount Kits (Single or Dual)


  • R&D Testing
  • Manufacturing and Repair
  • Burn-In Testing
  • DC Power Bus Simulation
  • Fuse and Breaker Testing
  • RF Device Testing
  • Telecommunications
  • Military ATE Test and Diagnostics
  • Electroplating
  • Laser Drives
  • High Voltage Testing

The Versatile Power's Bench 20-30 Programmable DC Power Supply is U.S.A. built, offering a power output of up to 600 watts. Embedded 12-bit D/A and A/D converters provide very accurate controlling and reporting of both voltage and current, making BENCH your ideal solution for bench and ATE applications.

The Bench 20-30 built-in LCD front panel display simultaneously shows both voltage and current readings. In addition, the front panel display provides ease of setup and complete power supply status information. Digital calibration with the front panel controls also simplifies any required service.

The BENCH series utilizes digital rotary control knobs for precise voltage and current adjustment. As a standard feature, BENCH Power Supplies include USB and analog ports allowing remote control. The digital rotary knobs allow both fine and rapid adjustment of the output voltage and current. The knobs are velocity sensitive so that a slow turn of the knob allows fine adjustment of voltage or current and rapid turning of the knob quickly adjusts voltage or current over a large range.

Bench Compact Design

Precise Voltage and Current Measurements

Besides the precise output, the Bench 20 30 also offers the capability to accurately measure and display voltage and current, saving users the extra expense and space for extra measuring instruments. This capability is available from the display, or via the USB and analog ports; these readings may be read into the controlling device.

Bench Front Panel Display


The over voltage protection (OVP), over current protection (OCP) and over power protection (OPP) features limit the maximum output current and voltage, in order to avoid damaging the unit under test (UUT).

  • 1 - Programmable DC Power Supply Bench, 600W/20V/30A (Bench 20-30)
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