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Tektronix 1705
Spectrum Monitor, Refurbished

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  • Designed for Satellite News Gathering
  • Easy, Reliable Operation
  • Cost Effective
  • On-Screen Frequency Readout
  • On-Screen Setup Menu
  • L-band and 70 MHz IF Inputs
  • Resolution Switchable to 10 or 300 KHz
  • Span Range and Video Filter Selection
  • Center Frequency Control
  • Bright Clear Display
  • DC Operation Available
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Tektronix 1705 Shown

Product Information
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Tektronix 1705 Spectrum Monitor is a special purpose radio frequency monitor designed for rapid response television satellite news gathering applications.  Using the 1705, an operator can identify the spectral pattern of a particular satellite and transponder to determine which video, audio, SCPC carries are present.  It assists in the accurate adjustment of azimuth , elevation and polarization of the downlink/uplink antenna.  It also provides a display of satellite and locally generated signals.

Dual Band Operation

The 1705 features front panel selectable inputs for L-band (900-1450 MHz) monitoring of television downlink signals from a low noise block converter (LNB) located at receive antenna, and 70 MHz band (45-100 MHz) monitoring of the television uplink exciter or other IF signals. Input frequency is displayed onscreen in both L-band and 70 MHz modes, and the L-band readout may be reconfigured to display a satellite frequency in the range of 0.9-20.0 GHz.  A dc output is provided to power the low noise block converter.

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1705AU Tektronix 1705A, Spectrum Monitor, Refurbished Click to add item to Shopping Cart Sale $692.50
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