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Tektronix 7904
500 MHz Oscilloscope, Refurbished

  • 500 MHz at 10 mV/div
  • 500 ps/div Fastest Calibrated Sweep Rate
  • Greater than 15 cm/ns Enhanced Writing Speed
  • CRT Readout
  • Over 30 Compatible Plug-Ins
  • 900 MHz FET Probe Available
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The 7904 is the second-widest, real time bandwidth, general-purpose oscilloscope available today.  The 7A19Amplifier/7904 Mainframe attains 500 MHz at 10 mV. A 7A19 variable delay option allows for the matching of signal transit times of two plug-ins and their probes to better than 50 ps.

The P6201 1X FET probe gives you high impedance and wide bandwidth.  IT has a 900 MHz bandwidth by itself, and in combination with the 7A19/7904, it provides a system bandwidth of 450 MHz at 10 mV.

The CRT, the major contributor to the performance of the 7904, has good visual brightness and an 8 X 10 cm display area.  The C-51R Camera, Writing Speed Enhancer, 3,000 ASA film and P11 Phosphor can produce writing speeds up to 9 cm/ns.  Speeds up to 15 cm/ns are possible when an optional max-brightness CRT with a 4 X 5 cm display area is used.

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500 MHz Oscilloscope

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