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Tektronix 7704A
200 MHz Oscilloscope, Refurbished

  • DC to 200 MHz with Optimum Pulse Response
  • Dc to 250 MHz Bandwidth Option
  • Greater Than 15 cm/ns Enhanced Writing Speed With Optional CRT and WSEN
  • CRT Readout
  • 1.8 ns Risetime
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Tektronix 7704 Oscilloscope family is a wide bandwidth general-purpose oscilloscope measurement system.

The 7704A Oscilloscope offers you the capability to optimize the oscilloscope's response for your type of work.  For pulse analysis, aberrations are reduced below the normal level in the optimized transient response version while still giving you a bandwidth of 200 MHz.  The 250 MHz option is optimized for bandwidth performance for high-frequency applications.

Quite often the need arises to photograph the waveforms that are produced.  The 7704A gives you a choice of two designs available for this purpose: the standard 8 cm X 10 cm CRT and an optional 4 cm X 5 cm reduced-scan CRT for high writing-speed applications.

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200 MHz Oscilloscope

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