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Tektronix 7603
100 MHz Oscilloscope, Refurbished

  • Dc-to-100 MHz Bandwidth
  • 6.5 in CRT
  • CRT Readout
  • 5.25 in Rackmount
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The Tektronix 7603 Oscilloscope represents the best price/performance ratio available in the 100 MHz plug-in oscilloscope market today.

The CRT is large, 8 X 10 div (1.22 cm/div), and features an internal graticule with variable illumination and 15 kV accelerating potential. An optional maximum brightness CRT with a smaller 8 X 10 cm display and 18 kV potential gives you greater visual brightness and higher photographic writing speed.

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7603  100 MHz Oscilloscope

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