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Tektronix 2336
100 MHz Oscilloscope, Refurbished

Compact and lightweight for ultra-portability, these oscilloscopes are designed and built for on-site trouble-shooting.  The 2336 is useful for high speed logic and digital applications. They feature an innovative and protective flip-top cover that doubles as a front panel with D Time on the 2336.  The entire outside case of all four instruments is made of durable, one-piece aluminum and the front panels are coated with scratch resistant plastic.  When the flip-tops are latched shut, the entire scope can withstand the abuse and heavy usage of field service environments. 
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Vertical channels have calibrated deflection factors from 5 mV/div to 5 V/div with a variable gain control to increase the sensitivity to at least 2 mV/div.  An internal delay line permits observation of the leading edge of a waveform.  Variable sweep speeds range from 0.5 s/div to 50.0 ns/div and a 10X magnifier can increase the sweep rate to 5 ns/div.  An auto-trigger mode allows triggering on waveforms with repetitive rates down to approximately 10 Hz.  The sweep rate will run freely and provide a base line trace in the absence of an adequate trigger signal.

Many exterior features have been incorporated into these new ultra-portable scopes to make them fast and convenient to use.  The CRT produces bright, high resolution traces that are readily visible in most light conditions.  The D Time/DMM readouts are distinct, backlighted LCD (Liquid Crystal Displays) for clear viewing in any lighting condition.  All knobs and switches have been located in logical groupings to avoid errors and delays during operation. D Timing and DMM display and controls are in the hinged, fliptop cover.

The oscilloscope comes with detachable power cord, integral EMI shielding, and an accessories pouch.  It is manufactured to withstand impact shocks of 50 g's, almost twice that of other portable scopes from Tektronix.   This ruggedness meets MIL-T-28800, Class 3 environmental requirements for aerospace and military qualification.

In strong testimony of the incompatible reliability of the 2000 Family oscilloscopes, Tek offers a three year warranty: All labor and parts, including CRT, excluding probes.  And then, beyond the "basic three years" of warranty coverage, Tek will extend your service coverage up to five years, offering you a choice of three practical service plans to meet your specific service needs.

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