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Tektronix 2235 and 2236
Dual Trace Oscilloscopes, Refurbished

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  • DC to 100 MHz Bandwidth
  • Integrated Counter/Timer/ DMM (2236)
  • Light Weight
  • Easy to Use
  • 2 mV Sensitivity
  • Advanced Trigger System
  • 5 ns/div Max. Sweep Rate
  • Delayed Sweep
  • Large, Bright CRT

Tektronix 2235:

Tektronix 2235 ensures measurement quality and reliability while reducing instrument cost.  Tek started with the innovative architecture of the 2200 Series: fewer boards, fewer mechanical parts, less cabling and electrical connectors.  This approach, plus advanced circuit design and a focus on essential features, has led to a scope that is more accurate, more reliable, lighter and more serviceable-and simpler to use-than any other 100 MHz scope.

The 2235 delivers 2% vertical and horizontal accuracy in normal operation.  Accuracy of 3% or better is maintained across a wide range of environmental extremes. Trace noise, chop noise, vertical aberrations and sweep interference have been reduced to a minimum. Delay jitter of 1:20,000 ensures excellent timing measurement resolution. Triggering is sensitive to 0.3 div at 10 MHz. There is a trigger view for simplifying setup; single sweep for photographing transients; and a new, bright, high-resolution 14kV dome mesh CRT.

Features like rugged design, light weight and easily learned front panel make the 2235 an ideal service scope.  In both service and design, it offers the sensitivity for low level measurements and sweep rates for fast logic families, plus 10:1 variable holdoff range for complex word triggering. And at the bottom line, it offers the price and reliability to significantly lower the cost of owning a quality scope.

Tektronix 2236:

The 2236 adds even easier, more accurate and more versatile measurements through microprocessor-driven waveform analysis.   While it's not unusual for a scope to include a bolt-on DMM or other outboard peripheral, the 2236 makes counter/timer/DMM-type measurements through the scope system itself.  This makes possible consolidated setups and combinations of measurements that have always been desirable but never possible before.

Traditionally, for example, gated measurements have been possible only by laborious knob-tweaking and mental calculations.  Getting results was difficult at best.

But with the 2236, an operator uses intensified markers on-screen to define the area to be measured on a burst or short-duration pulse train. Gated counter measurements are made via the B trigger with operator prompting and automatic, digital readout of results. With period averaging the 2236 can make low frequency measurements instantly, in contrast to the several seconds delay encountered on conventional counter/timers.

Yet speed never comes at the expense of reliability: user confidence is continually enhanced.

The scope and DMM also can be applied simultaneously, with concurrent CRT and digital readout displays. The same probe that feeds data to the scope also provides information to the DMM, so there is no tangle of leads, no extra setup time required to obtain ac or dc voltage.

DMM auto ranging simplifies setup. An ohmmeter range of 2 GΩ-a hundred times the range of most such devices-lets the service technician quickly pinpoint even small amounts of transformer leakage, for example, or allows designers to check the insulating property of capacitors more accurately than ever before.

Designers and service people can both do a lot with the 2236, without learning a lot to do it. Frequency, period and width measurements are push-button simple, with accuracies to 0.001% and beyond. On-screen operator prompts further ensure fail-safe setup.  An audible, automatic diode/junction detection signal saves both time and interpretation errors by allowing the operator to concentrate on probing rather than on observing the front panel.

The 2236 is designed for wide appeal by providing the power to simplify routine service measurements, and at the same time encouraging sophisticated designers towards creative methods of problem-solving.

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2235  Tektronix 2235 Refurbished 2 Ch. Analog Oscilloscope  Click to add item to Shopping Cart $695.00
2236  Tektronix 2236 Refurbished 2 Ch. Analog Oscilloscope w/Counter, Timer, DMM  Click to add item to Shopping Cart $895.00

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