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Tektronix 2465, 2465A and 2465B
Analog Oscilloscopes, Refurbished

  • Bandwidth:
    • 2465 - 300 MHz
    • 2465A - 350 MHz
    • 2465B - 400 MHz
  • 4 Independent Channels
  • 1 ns/div Sweep Rate
  • 2 mV/div Vertical Sensitivity
  • Cursors and Readout
  • Professionally Refurbished
  • Aligned and Calibrated to Original Specifications
  • Available Options, Below
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Tektronix 2465B Shown   Tektronix 2465A Shown
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Changes between 2465 and 2465A: Changes between 2465A and 2465B:
  • Auto Setup
  • Save and Recall Setups
  • Write Protection for Saved and Sequenced Setups
  • Cursor Measurements on Delayed-sweep displays
  • Elapsed-time record embedded in firmware
  • Increase in bandwidth from 300 MHz to 400 MHz (350 MHz in 2465A)
  • 2 mV/div Vertical sensitivity to probe tip at full bandwidth
  • Rise time improvement from 1.17 ns to 1 ns
  • Two independent B triggers for single- or Dual-channel dual-delay measurements (with CTT Option)
  • Standard probes changed from P6136 to P6137
  • Rise time improvement from 1 ns to .875 ns
  • Parametric Measurements: An additional button labeled "MEASUREMENT" was added to the front panel. By pushing "MEASUREMENT" and one additional button mapped with numbers around the vertical mode buttons, you can automatically measure several commonly used parameters:
    1. Frequency
    2. Pulse Width
    3. Rise Time
    4. Fall Time
    5. Time Interval A to B
    6. Voltage

Versatile Triggering

These oscilloscopes can trigger on any one of the four channel. New auto-level circuitry gives you convenient hands-off triggering, even with changing trigger-signal amplitudes. With the position-independent triggering, trigger level remains constant whenever you reposition the display. And the trigger-level readout enables you to preset the amplitude for predictable triggering on both logic thresholds and transient event.

Single-sequence triggering can capture a single event or multiple events by displaying a single sweep of each trace on the CRY. At the ends of the sequence, scale factors and other readout data are briefly displayed and graticule illumination flashes on momentarily, allowing waveform photography.

Measurement Convenience

Four channels produce clear and complete views to simplify complex measurements. With the B sweep you can display any portion of the A sweep, including the A-sweep trigger event. Sweep-delay range is adjustable down to zero delay. This combination allows easy timing measurements
to be made on highly asymmetric or jittering waveforms. It provides accurate delayed and Δtime measurements--from the first pulse on the trace-- and allows the operator to examine the A-trigger event in detail.

Input impedance is selectable between 1MΩ and 50Ω on Channels 1 and 2, eliminating the need for external 50Ω terminators. Overload protection is also ensured. If excessive signal is applied while 50Ω coupling is selected, coupling automatically switches to 1MΩ coupling to prevent possible damage.


Exceptional electromagnetic compatibility qualities make the 2465/2445 family oscilloscopes attractive for use in high-RF situations such as computer manufacturing, testing, and servicing. These instruments are also UL listed and CSA certified for safety. Their rugged design meets MIL-T - 28800C environmental requirements for Type III, Class 3, Style C equipment.

Precision Measurements

The 2465 Family oscilloscopes set new norms in measurement precision. With 1% horizontal system accuracy and 2% vertical deflection accuracy, they give you greater measurement confidence than ever before. On-screen vertical and horizontal cursors deliver immediate and
accurate results of voltage, time, frequency, ratio, and phase measurements.

Cursors increase accuracy and operator productivity. With them, measurements can be made quickly, with almost no chance of interpretation errors and no CRT linearity error. The front panel controlled Channel 1 - Channel 2 delay-matching adjustment compensates probe and vertical-channel delay differences.

CRT Readouts

Readouts permit easy setup and interpretation of waveform displays. The horizontal time base always remains calibrated with three significant digits and a decimal point, even if variable settings are used.
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2465 Tektronix 2465 Refurbished 4 Ch. Analog Oscilloscope  Click to add item to Shopping Cart $1,195.00
2465A Tektronix 2465A Refurbished 4 Ch. Analog Oscilloscope  Click to add item to Shopping Cart $1,295.00
2465B Tektronix 2465B Refurbished 4 Ch. Analog Oscilloscope  Click to add item to Shopping Cart $1,495.00
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OPT-06 Counter/Timer/Trigger
OPT-09 CTT/Word Recognizer
OPT-10 GPIB Interface
OPT-11 Rear Panel Probe Power
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