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HP / Agilent 8922S
GSM Test Set, Refurbished

  • Complete GSM/DCS/PCS mobile station test sets
  • Designed to minimize production/service costs
  • Built-in toolkit of instruments
  • E-GSM and dual-band capability
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Accurate and repeatable GSM measurements
  • Built-in IBASIC controller for easy automation
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Agilent / HP 8922S GSM Test Set
Hewlett Packard 8922S GSM Test Set Shown

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   The HP 8922S is an integrated test set solution for the production and servicing of GSM900, DCS1800, and PCS1900 radios.  This test set is based on a common, expandable platform.  The HP 8922S is a standalone GSM mobile station tester.   For service applications it includes a GSM base-station emulator and all the signaling capability to fully test a mobile without additional equipment.

Minimize Production/Service Testing Costs

The HP 8922S is tailored to the demanding needs of incoming inspection and mobile repair.  It has all the ingredients necessary to minimize the cost per phone, a rich set of features which balances fast testing with a built-in toolkit of instruments, and automatic test software. Features are bound together with an intuitive menu-driven user interface.  Sharing a common RF measurement architecture, the HP 8922S guarantees consistent test results during each stage of a phone's life, minimizing the chances of good phones being rejected at incoming inspection, maximizing the quality of new and repaired phones.

GSM Radio Test Solutions

The HP 8922 contains a complete set of instrumentation for testing the RF sections of GSM radios.  In addition to the frequency agile 0.3 GMSK RF generator, the RF analyzer has an agile local oscillator, coherent data demodulator, pulse demodulator, FM demodulator, global method analyzer for phase and frequency error, synthesized spectrum analyzer, and pulse power meter.  The HP 8922S adds a bit-error-rate tester (BERT) for performing GSM receiver measurements, channel CODEC for functional testing of a mobile, and the electrical man machine interface (EMMI) is implemented for controlling the mobile and supporting the digital audio interface (DAI).  

Complete Tool Set

Aside from their complete complement of GSM measurements, the HP 8922 contains general-purpose tools useful for module test, troubleshooting, and debugging activities.  The tools include a digital oscilloscope, CW RF synthesizer, spectrum analyzer, CW RF frequency counter, CW and peak RF power meter, ac voltmeter, dc voltmeter, 1 kHz distortion/SINAD meter, audio frequency counter, and synthesized audio source.   The sum of these capabilities makes the HP 8922 an extraordinarily powerful tool for the manufacture, installation and repair of GSM radio equipment.

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