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Agilent / Hewlett Packard 3708A
Noise and Interference Test Set, Refurbished

  • Highly accurate wideband noise source covers all common microwave link IFs
  • Tracking mode maintains constant C/N ratio under carrier fading conditions
  • Broadband interference facility, with or without noise injection, stresses the radio deterministically
  • Option -001 changes Signal Connectors to 50 ohm Impedance

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HP 3708A Noise and Interface Test Set offers an accurate, yet simple, method of simulating microwave radio fade conditions.  Designed for operation in the IF section of a digital or FM microwave radio, with addition of calibrated levels of white noise and/or interference signals to the radio IF carrier. A built-in power meter and microprocessor control enables the radio IF carrier power to be sampled at the point of noise injection and the noise density adjusted automatically to maintain a constant carrier level variations.  A simple, yet powerful interference test facility is also included, allowing an external broadband signal to be mixed with the radio IF carrier along with/instead of the injected noise.  Additional capability provided within the instrument includes:

  • True RMS IF power meter
  • High stability 0 dBm reference tone
  • Direct noise bandwidth measurement
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