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Hewlett Packard 8590D
Spectrum Analyzer Series, Refurbished

  • Easy-to-use, expandable, portable spectrum analyzers
  • Full range of price and performance options
  • One-button measurements for FFT, TOI, ACP, and more
  • Expanded memory and trace-storage capability
  • Optional narrow resolution bandwidths
  • New custom measurement personalities
  • Application-specific measurements
  • New digital RF communication personalities

HP 8590 D Series spectrum analyzers offer a wide range of performance, features, and prices designed to fit your budget.  Choose from low-cost, basic performance analyzers or from higher-performance models with synthesizer accuracy.  Whatever your choice, you'll find 8590 Series spectrum analyzers easy to use and reliable.  Their expandable feature sets allow them to be easily configured to meet your growing measurement needs.


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Application measurement personalities customize the analyzer for tasks such as CATV, EMC, digital cellular radio, RF communication, noise-figure, and scalar network analysis measurements.  You can also add a variety of printers, plotters, and other accessories.

One Spectrum Analyzer for Many Applications

You can change the test capabilities of these spectrum analyzers to fit specific measurement needs.  A memory card reader enables you to load application measurement personalities.  Complex measurement routines are reduced to a keystroke.  An option cardcage, unique to the HP 8590 E Series, allows you to add circuit-card options for additional capability.  Optional built-in tracking generators provide a synchronously swept signal source for stimulus-response measurements.  Operating any HP 8590 Series spectrum analyzer requires only minimal training.

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Easy-to-Use Features

Numerous features make it easier to control measurements and to analyze the results.  These spectrum analyzers have built-in, automatic calibration to ensure measurement consistency.  Frequency panning lets you quickly reposition signals without repeated sweeps.  The internal memory allows over 50 traces to be stored, and more can be stored on RAM cards using the memory-card reader.  Time and date stamping come standard.  Direct output to printer or plotter is available with either the HP-IB or the RS-232 interface option.  Both Hewlett-Packard and selected Epson printers are supported.

HP 8591E, 8593E, 8594E, 8595E, and 8596E Spectrum Analyzers

These portable spectrum analyzers bring powerful, comprehensive measurement capabilities to RF, microwave, and digital applications.  Five models offer a choice of frequency coverage starting at 9 kHz and extending to 26.5 GHz.

Performance specifications include low phase noise of -105 dBc at 30 kHz offset and frequency-synthesized accuracy of 2.1 kHz at 1 GHz, which can be improved to 210 Hz with an optional precision frequency reference.  Second- and third-order dynamic ranges are 77 and 90 dB, respectively.  Calibrated amplitude range is +30 to -130 dBm with Option 130, and calibrated onscreen display range is 70 dB.  Narrow resolution bandwidths of 30, 100, 200 EMI, and 300 Hz are available on an optional circuit card, which can be added to these analyzers at any time.

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Standard Features

A new window capability divides the display into two horizontal areas, allowing you to zoom in on critical areas of a measurement trace or to display test data and the trace simultaneously.  Many one-button measurements are standard, including a marker table, FFT, N dB bandwidths, third-order intercept, percent AM, and adjacent-channel power.  A built-in memory card reader allows you to load measurement personalities, your own custom programs, and measurement data on 32-, 128-, 256-, and 512-K memory cards.

Option Flexibility

A growing number of circuit-card options provides even more measurement capability.  Circuit cards are installed easily into a built-in cardcage, and most are retrofittable.

Circuit-card options include:

  • Narrow resolution bandwidths of 30, 100, 200 EMI, and 300 Hz
  • Time-gated spectrum analysis
  • "Analog +" display and fast time-domain sweeps
  • AM/FM demodulator
  • TV sync trigger
  • Quasi-peak detector
  • Noise-figure measurements
  • CT-2 demodulator
  • NADC digital demodulator

A built-in 1.8 GHz tracking generator (retrofittable) is available for the HP 8591E, and a 2.9 GHz tracking generator (retrofittable) for the HP 8593E, 8594E, 8595E, and 8596E.  For microwave scalar network measurements to 6.5 and 26.5 GHz, the HP 85644A and 85645A microwave tracking sources can be used.  The HP 85902A burst carrier trigger provides a TTL timing reference for digital wireless communication measurements.

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HP 8590D and 8592D Spectrum Analyzers

These models offer basic RF and microwave measurement performance at a low cost.  The HP 8590D has a frequency range of 9 kHz to 1.8 GHz, amplitude range of -115 to +30 dBm, and an improved frequency accuracy option.  The HP 8592D extends to 26.5 GHz.

Measurement Personality Cards

HP's measurement personality cards are an economical way to customize your HP 8590 Series spectrum analyzer* for easier, more accurate testing in a number of application areas.  The measurement personalities are loaded using the built-in memory card reader (optional in the HP 8590D and 8592D).

*Not all personalities work with every HP 8590 Series analyzer.

Digital RF Communications

Measurement personalities give the HP 8590 Series spectrum analyzers specialized functions to simplify cellular radio and cordless telephone testing.  The personalities make it easy to test transmitters according to industry standards.  Measurement displays and results are optimized for fast retrieval of test data.  Limit-line masks and pass/fail messages speed go/no go testing.  Numerical and graphical results can be sent directly to a printer or plotter.  Real-time, interactive displays aid troubleshooting.

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HP 85715A GSM Measurement Personality

Based on GSM 11.10 and 11.20 recommendations for Pan-European digital cellular radio testing, the HP 85715A personality provides these measurements: mean transmitted carrier power, power versus time, output RF spectrum, spurious emissions, and intermodulation attenuation.

HP 85717A CT2-CAI Measurement Personality

The HP 85717A  personality provides all transmitter measurements in the MPT 1375 and I-ETS 300-131 specifications for second generation cordless telephone with common air interface: mean carrier power, carrier-off power, adjacent channel power, out-of-band power, spurious emissions, intermodulation attenuation, and frequency error and deviation.

HP 85718A/B NADC-TDMA Measurement Personalities

The HP 85718A and 85718B personalities simplify testing of time division multiple-access transmitters for North American digital cellular radio (NADC) systems.  Based on IS-54, -55, and -56 standards, they provide these measurements: carrier power, carrier-off power, adjacent channel power, power versus time (for mobiles), and intermodulation (for bases).  Other measurements are occupied bandwidth and combiner tuning (for bases).  In addition, the new HP 85718B works with HP 8590 E-Series Option 151/161 NADC digital demodulator to add seven modulation accuracy tests and three graphical displays.

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HP 85720A JDC-TDMA Measurement Personality

The 85720A provides TDMA transmitter measurements for Japanese digital cellular radio (JDC) systems according to RCR STD-27 standards: carrier power, carrier-off power, occupied bandwidth, adjacent channel power, power versus time (for mobiles), intermodulation (for bases), and spurious.  Combiner tuning (for bases) is also included.

New HP 85722A DCS-1800 Measurement Personality

The HP 85722A enhances HP 8590 A- and E-Series analyzers for testing DCS-1800 cellular systems.  It adds the following DCS measurements: carrier power, power versus time, output RF spectrum, spurious emissions, intermodulation attenuation, and combiner tuning.  Features include RF channel and time-slot selection, slow-frequency-hopping verification, and adaptive masks in the time and frequency domains.

New HP 85723A DECT Measurement Personality

The HP 85723A is used to make DECT transmitter tests.  It works with an HP 8590 E-Series analyzer, Option 012 DECT source (for receiver sensitivity measurements), and Option 112 DECT demodulator.  It adds the following DECT measurements: carrier power, power versus time, adjacent channel power, frequency deviation, frequency error, spurious emissions, and intermodulation attenuation.

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New HP 85724A Broadcast Measurement Personality

The HP 85724A adds measurements for testing TV broadcast transmitters and relays.  It allows selection of either PAL-I or PAL-B/G systems; channel bands CCIR VHF, UHF, or S; and channel number.  Tests include: carrier level, chroma level, vision, three tone intermodulation, depth of modulation, spurious signals, NICAM carrier power and intermodulation, and FM deviation.

Digital Radio Measurements

HP 85713A Digital Radio Measurement Personality

The HP 85713A digital radio measurement personality for microwave spectrum analyzers includes five major agency masks for testing to US, UK, and FRG digital radio specifications.  Automatic compare-to-mask and mean power level measurements are made on the modulated signal.  Functions include transient analysis monitoring and frequency response measurement.  You can create and store your own masks for later use.  More digital radio tests, including multipath fading margin, power measurements, and flatness, are available using the HP11758T digital radio test system.

New HP 11770A Link Measurement Personality

The new HP 11770A makes group delay and amplitude measurements on systems that carry digital data, such as a microwave radio system or a satellite link.

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Cable Television Testing

Locate your system problems fast without disrupting customer service.  CATV measurement personalities simplify manual testing and automate system monitoring.

HP 85716A CATV System Monitoring Personality

The HP 85716A provides nine automatic, non-interfering measurements that allow you to continuously monitor headend operation and make faster, easier system proof-of-performance tests.

HP 85711A/B CATV Measurement Personalities

These cards are recommended for manual headend testing, proof-of-performance measurements, trunk maintenance, and (with a microwave analyzer) CARS-band testing.  With spectrum analyzer options you can listen to AM and FM signals, measure modulation depth on individual TV lines, or view TV pictures on the CRT of the spectrum analyzer.  The new HP 85711B adds measurements for FCC Part 76 proof-of-performance testing.

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Component Test Measurements

HP 85719A Noise Figure Measurement Personality

The HP 85719A noise figure measurement personality customizes an HP 8590 Option 119 E-Series spectrum analyzer for swept noise figure and gain measurements.

HP 85714A Scalar Measurement Personality

An HP 85714A scalar measurement personality and HP 8590 Series analyzer with optional built-in tracking generator make fast, accurate scalar transmission measurements from 300 kHz to 2.9 GHz.  The personality card is also the interface for the HP 85630A scalar transmission/reflection test set.

Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing

The HP 85712D EMC measurement personality simplifies electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) diagnostic and pre-compliance measurements.

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85902A Agilent / HP 85902A Burst Carrier Trigger, Refurbished Click to add item to Shopping Cart $495.00

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