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Agilent / HP 3585B Spectrum Analyzer,
20Hz to 40 MHz, Refurbished

  • Sweep gating option
  • 80 to 100 dB dynamic range
  • ± 0.25 dB typical level accuracy
  • 50, 75, 1 MΩ  inputs
  • 3 Hz resolution bandwidth
  • Automatic limit testing

Uncompromising Baseband Signal Analysis

The HP 3585B Spectrum Analyzer delivers high performance where it counts---at baseband frequencies.  With very high accuracy, resolution, and dynamic range, the HP 3585B is the best solution for signal analysis at the critical frequencies comprising voice, video, or digital information.

Hewlett Packard 3585B HP / Agilent

Hewlett Packard 3585B
Spectrum Analyzer Shown

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In today's high-speed, high-density information processing systems, maintaining the integrity of data signals requires more measurement performance than ever before.  The HP 3585B provides 80 to 100 dB of spurious-free dynamic range, a sharp 3 Hz resolution bandwidth, and a 20 Hz to 40.1 MHz frequency range to easily cover most information bandwidths.  Fully synthesized tuning (including sweeps) and typical amplitude accuracy to ± 0.25 dB ensure complete measurement confidence.

Carefully Chosen Features for Better Measurements

Measurements are faster and easier with the optimized feature set.  The automatic limit test function checks all 1000 measurement points against user-defined upper and lower limits in a fraction of a second.  Pass/fail results are shown in the display and are available over HP-IB for improved productivity in automated applications.

The automatic peak search and signal track functions speed signal identification and analysis and make examination of drifting signals more convenient.  In addition to locating the strongest signal in a display, the peak search function can also find successively smaller signals, or search to the right or left for peaks above a user-defined threshold.

Fast, Flexible Frequency Sweeps

Well-designed resolution bandwidth filters and a phase-continuous, synthesized local oscillator team up with exceptional dynamic range to give the HP 3585B very fast measurement speeds.  A 40 MHz sweep using the 30 kHz resolution bandwidth takes only 200 milliseconds, fast enough for high-resolution spectrum surveillance. A 1 MHz seep using a 1 kHz bandwidth takes only 2 seconds, yet yields an average noise floor of -85 dBc.

Powerful Marker Functions

The turntable marker readout of frequency and amplitude can display an absolute or relative (offset) value.  With a single keystroke, enter the marker value as the center frequency, reference level, frequency span, or center frequency step size.  This improves accuracy and efficiency in manual testing and reduces setup errors.

The built-in frequency counter provides additional accuracy when measuring the frequency of a signal in the display.  It provides results in 0.3 seconds to 0.1Hz resolution.  Because the counter function is combined with the selectivity of the analyzer, it is possible to accurately measure small signals in the vicinity of much larger ones.

For noise measurements, the noise level marker function displays averaged rms noise density at the marker position, normalized to a standard 1 Hz bandwidth and corrected for the analyzer's characteristics.  Combine this function with the relative measurement mode for fast, easy, signal-to-noise ratio measurements.

Measurement Hard Copy

Copying a complete display to a printer or plotter is as easy as pressing a button.  The Hp 3585B directly controls the HP-GL compatible HP-IB plotters and graphics printers such as the HP ThinkJet.

Tracking Generator

The standard 50Ω  tracking generator covers the full 40 MHz frequency range of the Hp 3585B to provide easy scalar (amplitude-only) network analysis.  The signal is fully synthesized in CW measurements and sweeps, and level is adjustable from 0 dBm to -11 dBm from the front panel.

Flexible Inputs with Autoranging

50, 75, and 1 MΩ  input impedances are all standard and are electronically selectable to match your system.  The 50Ω  and 1 MΩ  inputs and provided probe power offer compatibility with a variety of passive and active probes.  With input autoranging, the HP 3585B automatically chooses the optimum input range for maximum dynamic range and lowest distortion.  This eliminates the need to manually adjust attenuation and IF gain.  

Burst Signal Analysis

Spectrum analysis on burst signals using traditional swept measurement techniques include not only the signal of interest but also the signal from the burst repetition period.  This raises the effective noise floor of the measurement which masks the signal of interest, making accurate signal-to-noise  and carrier-to-noise measurements impossible.  The new sweep gating Option 001 reveals the signals you have missed.

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