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Hewlett Packard 141T
Spectrum Analyzer Mainframe/Display Unit, Refurbished

  • 1 kHz to 18 GHz, external mixing to 40 GHZ
  • Absolute amplitude calibration
  • Tracking generators for component test
  • Tracking preselector for simpler measurements
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Hewlett-Packard's 141T Spectrum Analyzer System permits measurements at frequencies ranging from 1 kHz to 18 GHz by means of two plug-in tuning sections.  For measurements in the 18 to 40 GHz region, an accessory external mixer may be used with the microwave tuning section.  The modularity of this system allows you to keep pace with changing measurement requirements.

An HP 141T Spectrum Analyzer System is comprised of a mainframe/display, one tuning section, and one IF section.  Each tuning section covers a different frequency range, allowing you to purchase those which best meet your current requirements.  The HP 8553B covers 1 kHz to 110 MHz, and the HP 8555A from 110 MHz to 18 GHz.  The HP 8552B IF section provides bandwidth/gain selection and detection.

For swept frequency testing of components, the HP 8443A or 8444A Opt 059 Tracking Generator can function as a swept signal source that, through locking, accurately tracks the frequency to which the analyzer is tuned.   A microwave tracking preselector, the HP 8445B, simplifies measurements and improves the dynamic range of the HP 8555A Tuning Section for use in dense signal environments.

Calibrated frequency and amplitude measurements can be made over the entire frequency range.  Logarithmic and linear scaling allow display of amplitude in dBm and voltage, respectively.  A warning light indicates uncalibrated conditions due to improper control settings.


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141T Spectrum Analyzer Mainframe/Display Unit

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