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HP / Agilent 3325B
Synthesizer/Function Generator, Refurbished

  • Functions: Sine, square, triangle, negative and positive ramps, arbs, dc offset
  • Fully synthesized microhertz resolution
  • Internal programmable modulation source
  • LOG, LIN, discrete sweep
  • Excellent signal purity
  • DC to 60 MHz sync output
  • Available Options, Below
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Agilent 3325B is a generator/waveform synthesizer with frequency accuracy, resolution, and stability that are ideal for applications such as crystal filter test, multiplexed communication system testing, clock/timing simulation and audio frequency system testing.

Exceptionally linear triangles and ramp signals are produced with synthesized accuracy and stability for applications such as VCO testing or process control. The dc-to-21 MHz frequency range (sine) makes the 3325B ideal for high-performance video system testing.

Pure sine waves or high quality squarewaves can be combined with up to ±5V of DC offset to interface with biased circuits or for stimulus in digital environments. In modulation applications, let the Agilent 3325B provide the carrier for a modulation source, or use the internal modulation source to get modulated signals from the 3325B alone.

Synthesizer Precision

The HP3325B frequency accuracy is determined by a precision frequency-reference and can be set with a resolution of 1 uHz. It has up to -65dBc harmonic and -70dBc spurious levels for precision measurements. The phase of the output signal can be precisely controlled +-719.9 deg with 0.1 deg resolution, and multiple HP 3325B's can be locked together for multi-phase applications.

Function Generator Versatility

Precision squarewaves to 10.999,999 MHz have 20 ns rise times with synthesizer accuracy and precision. Triangle and ramp waveshapes are also available with .05% linearity up to 10.999,999 kHz. DC and phase offset can be added to these waveshapes. The modulation source can be used as an arbitrary function generator via HP-IB, providing user-defined waveshapes. These features make the HP 3325B one of the most versatile sources for bench or ATE system applications. Save-recall memory includes 10 non-volatile memory locations, for simple and rapid access to frequently used test setups.

Discrete Sweep

The enhanced feature set of the HP 3325B includes 100-segment discrete sweep capability which allows arbitrarily defined multi-segment linear or stepped sweeps and tone sequences. This compliments its linear and log, phase continuous sweep capability.

Internal Modulation Source

A built-in programmable modulation source provides sine, square and arbitrary waveshapes for internal amplitude or phase modulation, or for use as a second source. In addition, a rear panel sync output provides a TTL compatible dc to 50MHz signal with 1uHz resolution for use as a precision, high resolution clock signal, and extended frequency coverage.

ATE systems Compatibility

All functions, including frequency, amplitude, phase, modulation, sweep and waveshapes are programmable via HP-IB or RS232 interface. The HP 3325B is fully compatible in form, fit and function, with the HP 3325A. All HP-IB programs written for the HP3325A are fully compatible with the HP3325B. An isolated interface, combined with floating outputs and inputs assures trouble free operation in a systems environment. The main output can be switched to the rear panel by a simple front panel keystroke, or under program control for optimum systems configuration.

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3325B Agilent / HP 3325B Synthesized Function Generator, Refurbished Click to add item to Shopping Cart $795.00
001 High Stability Reference for aging rate of ±5 x 10-8/week Please Call
002 High Voltage Output within frequency range of 1 µHz to 1 MHz from 4.00 mVp-p to 40.00 Vp-p Please Call