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Hewlett Packard 8752A
300kHz-1.3GHz RF Network Analyzer, Refurbished

  • 300 kHz to 1.3 or 3 GHz
  • Integrated 1 Hz resolution synthesized source
  • Integrated transmission/reflection test set
  • Crisp color display
  • Direct save/recall to an external disk drive
  • Execute complex test procedures with the test sequence function
  • 100 dB of dynamic range
  • Group delay and deviation from linear phase
  • Superb uncorrected performance

Agilent / HP 8752A

Agilent / HP 8752A
Network Analyzer Shown

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The 8572A RF network analyzer provides simple and complete vector network measurements in a compact and fully integrated RF network analyzer.  Characterize your RF components and networks accurately and economically with the 8752A RF network analyzer in the 300 kHz to 1.3 or 3 GHz frequency range.  Integration of the swept synthesized source, test set, and receiver, results in a network analyzer that is easy to set up and use which is ideal for sevice, incoming inspection, production and final test measurements.

The integrated synthesized source provides measurement port power level of +5 to -20 dBm with linear, log, list, power, and CW sweep types.   The sensitive, tuned receivers provide 100 dB of dynamic range.

With two independent display channels available, you can simultaneously measure the reflection and transmission characteristics of the device under test on the crisp color display.  Data can be displayed in log, magnitude, linear magnitude, SWR, phase, group delay, polar, real, or Smith chart formats.  The easy-to-use softkey measurement functions allow you to quickly measure the desired characteristic of your device under test.

Designed for Manufacturing

The productivity features of the 8752A increase your throughput in production.  The test sequence function provides rapid and consistent execution of complex, repetitive tests with a single keystroke.  In sequencing mode, you make the measurement once from the front panel and the instrument automatically saves the keystrokes without an external computer.

The 8752A offers excellent uncorrected performance, allowing simple and accurate measurements of your device under test without the need for measurement calibration.  Other productivity enhancements include a plot/print buffer, limit testing, arbitrary frequency testing, and marker tracking functions.   Up to four on-screen markers are available per channel for hardcopy outputs or for tuning at specific frequencies.

Time Domain Analysis

The 8752A with option 010 has the capability of displaying the time domain response of a network, obtained by computing the inverse Fourier transform of the frequency domain response.  Two time domain modes are offered with the 8752A.  The low pass mode provides traditional time domain reflector (TDR) measurement capability and gives the response of a mathematically simulated step or impulse response.  The band pass mode, which has only the impulse stimulus, provides the time domain response of frequency-selective devices such as SAW filters and antennas.

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8752A  Agilent / HP 8752A 300 kHz-1.3 GHz Network Analyzer, Refurbished Click to add item to Shopping Cart $5,395.00
8752A-003  Agilent / HP 8752A-003 300 kHz-1.3 GHz Network Analyzer w/ 3 GHz Freq Extension (-003), Refurbished Click to add item to Shopping Cart $7,995.00

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