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Hewlett Packard 4955A
LAN Protocol Analyzer, Refurbished

HP 4955A Protocol Analyzer is a high level tool for R & D and manufacturing, as well as for network performance analysis. In addition to the standard capabilities provided within the protocol analyzer family, the HP 4955A offers BASIC programming, HP-IB control, a real-time clock, and dual tape drives.
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Troubleshooting is straightforward with the softkey driven menus. The datacom-enhanced BASIC (option 001) programming language can be used for sophisticated analysis or for unique application. BASIC uses many of the menu routines, maintaining softkey ease-of-use, while giving you the capability to write your own programs as needed. The HP 4955A, combined with the HP 18150JA X.25 Conformance Testing and Certification System, provides you with a very powerful tool for certifying equipment for use in X.25 networks. This package contains more than 700 individual test sequences for verifying conformance to the CCITT X.25 specification. These tests were designed in accordance with the National Bureau of Standard's X.25 verification procedure, FS 1041/ FIPS 100. This package also contains a link level testing by automatically handling the link level. Together, the HP 4955A and HP 18150JA, offer an extremely powerful X.25 problem-solving system.

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